At Ugovizza, among the unspoiled woods of the Julian Alps (Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy), you can sleep at 10 meters high, looking at the stars, in a spectacular and eco-friendly treehouse.

Who has never dreamed of sleeping in a real treehouse? To wake up among the branches of a large oak tree or surrounded by pine trees, silence and scents of woods. A dream that can become reality when you discover one of the beautiful treehouses, which are also eco-sustainable B&B. Hidden, yes, and sometimes even difficult to book (if you do not ask in advance) but it’s worth it.

Among the uncontaminated woods of the Friuli Venezia Giulia (north Italy), 1,250 meters high in the Julian Alps, we have discovered two really original, eco-sustainable treehouses, where you can sleep suspended at 10 meters of height, looking at the stars.

Tree house among the snowy forests, Udine, Julian Alps, Italy
Tree house among the snowy forests, ph. by Claudio Beltrame

The project, called “Pigna” (that in italian means ‘pine cone’), is in Ugovizza (Udine), between the Julian Alps, in Italy. Two round-shaped design treehouses, which resemble pine cones.

Suspended thanks to the support of the trees and a supporting structure, the treehouses welcomes its guests on three levels. On the first floor, which is about 2.5 meters high from the ground, you can admire the landscape: meadows, woods and snow-capped peaks.

Going to the second level you arrive in the small living room, with kitchen, facilities, kitchenette and sitting room. Even here you are surprised by the breathtaking view over the surrounding nature, through the large sliding glass.

Going up the stairs you will find yourself in the night area, at 10 meters high. Here the floor is circular and over the double bed a glazed opening offers an unforgettable night under the stars, overlooking the starry sky of the Alps.

Sleeping in an eco-friendly tree house, watching the stars. Yes you can. Between the Julian Alps, in Italy.
Tree house “Pigna”, panoramic window, photo by Marco Crivellari

One night in the Pigna tree house  is from 250 € for 2 people, breakfast, aperitif and dinner included.

The treehouses are eco-sustainable: built in bio-architecture, 100% energy used is from renewable sources, they have low-energy bulbs, water flow reducers, etc. In addiction, the tree house is accessible to everyone: the architectural solutions allow infact the accessibility of facilities also to people with motor disabilities.

The tree house is almost entirely in local wood, taken according to the principles of naturalistic forestry. ‘The shapes and materials make it easy to insert the tree house into the woods, becoming part of the surrounding nature.‘ – tell the designers. The two treehouses are created by DomusGaia, commissioned by Malga Priu, designed by Claudio Beltrame and Loris Borean. The project has been supported by the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, with the aim of enhancing the mountain area and increasing its attractiveness.

In short, the project embraces many important issues, from energy saving, to circular economy, from environmental sustainability to accessibility.

The spirit of the project is just to bring people closer to nature‘ – the designers say – ‘offering them the opportunity to live immersed in the green, finding their own psychophysical balance‘.

We know that woods has a great beneficial power (several researches have demostrated it) so the idea of ​​a night among pines it’ perfect. What do you say?

Sleeping in an eco-friendly tree house, watching the stars. Yes you can. Between the Julian Alps, in Italy.
Tree house Pigna at night, panoramic window, photo by Marco Crivellari

Usefull info to contact Malga Priu:

  • via Facebook: here is the FB page of Malga Priu
  • via phone: Cristina: + 39 348 6925728

Cover image: ph. by Ulderica da Pozzo

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