Nestled in the pre-Alpine area of the Orobie, crossed by the river that gives it its name, the Imagna Valley is a green paradise to discover. Between culture, sport, nature, relaxation and typical cuisine, everyone can find their own dimension.

The Imagna Valley is the ideal destination for those who approach the world of slow tourism. As a matter of fact, its territory little known by mass tourists can offer you a 100% sustainable experience. The watchwords are memory, craftsmanship and untouched nature. Never forgetting the fundamental contribution of the community, without which there would not be this different way of doing tourism. If you are still not convinced, here are 7 good reasons to visit this valley.

1. Imagna Valley, an open-air museum

Thanks to the active participation of the population, the association ‘’ECOMUSEO VALLE IMAGNA’’ came into being. The concept of eco-museum is very important. It is based on a pact between citizens, who engage in protecting and enhancing their territory. This is done through the reconstruction of traditional living environments with dedicated tourist routes and the promotion of educational activities related to history, art, and territory.

Arnosto Village in Imagna Valley
Arnosto Village, photo by Massimo Caltagirone on Flickr

Through these routes, you can visit churches such as the Sanctuary of Cornabusa, derived from a natural cave. Or visit the village of Arnosto, one of the most beautiful villages in the valley, which still preserves the buildings built with ‘’pioda’ and ‘’prida’. Something you can’t miss, then, is San Tomè, an architectural jewel of the XII century.

San Tomè, architectural jewel
San Tomè, photo by Sergio Salvetti on Flickr

2. Destination Mount Resegone

mount Resegone Valle Imagna
Mount Resegone, Valle Imagna, photo by cosimo.gabrieli on Flickr

If you are looking for a medium tiring itinerary to walk, maybe suitable for families with children, what starts from Fuipiano can do for you. Starting from the Bergamo side you will encounter sweeter paths. After following path 577 and entering the CAI 571, you should gradually pass the stretch of wood. From here it will be easy to glimpse the cross of the summit. However, the last part of the route is more challenging. Not for this, you will have to give up! Once you reach the Azzoni refuge(1870 mt), you can refresh yourself with a delicious hot meal.

3. Discovering the territory riding a bike…or a llama!

photo by Mal Schulstad on Flickr

Yes, you heard me. In addition to offering wonderful walking or cycling routes, the Imagna Valley allows you to live a different experience from the others. Among the most beautiful biker routes, but also most challenging, there’s Bergamo-Roncola SB. Many kilometers, 40 to be exact, but also many beautiful views!

trekking with llama
trekking with llama, photo by Alf Altendorf on Flickr

Were you intrigued by the possibility of riding a llama? If you want, the Scuderia Della Valle, now transformed into a farmhouse, will be ready to organize for you trekking in the company of these funny animals. If you think that the llama is not for you, there is no problem, they’ll guarantee the classic horseback riding.

4. In Imagna Valley fun is guaranteed, age doesn’t count

adventure park
photo by Manuela malvasi on Flickr

There are many opportunities for recreation in the Imagna Valley, both for adults and for children. Among the activities are the climbing and the routes suspended between the trees at the Roncola Adventure Park. Clean air and fun. What else? Otherwise, you can take part in excursions in the caves of the valley or, for the more reckless, jump with the paraglider from Mount Linzone.

5. the taste of tradition

dairy productionin in Imagna Valley
photo by darkangel7433 on Flickr

In Imagna Valley, dairy production plays a key role. Thanks to the cooperative Il Tesoro Della Bruna, La Casa Dello Stracchino was born. Here you will find a space for the direct sale of products and one dedicated exclusively to tasting. Don’t miss the typical strachì! Another beautiful venture, born in 2016, is that of the library Ca’ Bernizzi, which houses a space dedicated to catering. This new project, called BibliOsteria, aims to enhance the territory through the union between tradition and typical cuisine.

6. Find your inner peace in Imagna Valley

photo by Ok Infotech on Flickr

After a whole day spent discovering this wonderful valley, finally relax! The Terme di Sant’Omobono boasts a tradition of over two centuries of wellness. Thanks to the beneficial properties of its waters you will feel reborn!

7. An accommodation surrounded by nature

Letizia and Manuel, creators and owners of the B&B Botton d'Oro in Valle Imagna
Letizia and Manuel, creators and owners of the B&B Botton d’Oro in Valle Imagna

If you are looking for green hospitality in perfect harmony with the philosophy of slow tourism, then there is no better choice than Letizia and Manuel’s B&B Botton d’Oro. This young couple, deeply linked to the territory of the valley, has created a project aimed at promoting quality and sustainability. Staying here will allow you to approach a totally eco-friendly lifestyle.

Imagna Valley can offer you this and much more. If you think that something fundamental is missing, comment the article below!

Cover image: photo by Marcello Brivio via Flickr