A new sense of freedom: this is the meaning of horseback holidays. A new, yet ancient, way of living the journey and nature, that’s sustainable and incredibly exciting. Whether it’s a walk of a few hours or an entire multi-day trip, horseback holidays are must-do experience, to get away from everyday life and rediscover the slow rhythms of nature.But what are the best places for a horseback holidays around Italy? Here are the ones we have selected for you!

1. Horseback holidays in Lake Garda

Inside the organic farmhouse Il Rovero, Costermano, you also find a riding school. Staying in the farm, which has three apartments, swimming pool and restaurant service, you are a short walk from Lake Garda and all around there’re country roads, forest paths and numerous routes to discover on horseback. Those who already have experience of riding this beautiful animal will venture to Monte Baldo.

Lake Garda From Monte Baldo
Lake Garda From Monte Baldo, ph. by via flickr


2. Horseback riding just outside Milan

Discover the South Agricultural Park and the green surroundings of Milan in an incredible riding holiday. Stay in the magical Cascina Santa Brera where you can enjoy delicious organic foods produced on site, take part in training courses in permaculture and sustainable practices and learn about the many animals that live here, from cows to donkeys. A short walk from the farm you will find numerous stables that will allow you to make beautiful walks through the woods and the Park’s agricultural fields along the many waterways such as the Lambro and Addetta.

Horseback holiday in Milano south park

3. Horseback riding  in Lecco, near Lake Sartirana

The farmhouse Amici Cavalli invites you to discover these beautiful animals and their relationship with man. You can stay in one of two apartments, both with a wonderful view of the river Adda, take courses in ethology or simply relax in nature. The river will be the first destination for a slow route on horseback, but the educational farm offers the possibility of many horse riding in the surrounding area, for unforgettable horseback holidays. You will gallop in the moraine hills  and you’ll discover the Regional Natural Reserve of Lake Sartirana.

Lake Sartirana Regional Natural Reserve

4. Horseback holidays in Umbria

In a small village of the fifteenth century there is a house, a farm, a sustainable community. It’s Tribewanted Monestevole, a magical place to live a different holiday. The spaces of the house are tastefully decorated, the outdoor is wonderful. And among the many activities on offer, for those who already know the horses, there’s the opportunity to ride three horses to discover this beautiful region of Italy. You can venture into the uncontaminated Umbrian nature, visti the Civitella Ranieri Castle, one of the most beautiful of the region, on the road to Gubbio.

Civitella Ranieri Castle

5. Equestrian Getaway on the hills of Varese

Explore  on horseback the Brabbia Swamp Natural Reserve and discover more than 150 species of birds in the hills of Varese. With a view of the Alpine foothills, near the Ticino Park, Campo dei Fiori park and the Brabbia reserve you’ll find the farmhouse Badi Farm with riding school, breeding horses, cattle and sheep. It’s a beautiful place to learn more about western equitation and suited for a first horseback holiday.

Brabbia Natural Reserve Swamp

6. Horseback holidays in Garfagnana, Tuscany

In the far northern edge of Tuscany, between the marble of the Apuan Alps and incredible itineraries on horseback through the woods of Garfagnana along the river Serchio, there’s the farmhouse Il Corniolo waiting for you with 4 hectares hill, in the village of Castiglione Garfagnana, in the middle of a unique natural scenery, among parks and nature reserves such as the Apennines, Orecchiella and Apuan Alps. Experts in horse riding offer courses with horses, walking for a few hours or more demanding trekking for one or more days.

Garfagnana, perfect destination for your horseback holidays

7. Discovering Maremma on horseback

A riding holiday in Maremma is the best way to discover this part of Italy so rich and wonderful. Indescribable landscapes, breathtaking views of the Tuscan archipelago, paths between the Mediterranean woodland and farmland and medieval villages await you to enjoy a new freedom. Discover old activities of educational farm Corte degli ulivi. Lot of emotions, those that only nature can give, await you, including the opportunity of horseback holidays to explore the beautiful Maremma, among archaeological excavations, the sea and the mountains.

Horseback holidays in Maremma

Also in Maremma, there is a second organic and sustainable farm that gives you the possibility to taste the excitement of horseback holidays: it’s the farmhouse Macchie Alte, a few kilometers from Saturnia’s hot springs. An experienced guide will take you in beautiful trails and walks, also suitable for those who want to try for the first time this emotion. On the way back from the ride, the farmhouse will welcome you with its beautiful swimming pool, comfortable rooms and abundant organic breakfasts.

Horseback holidays in the Maremma's sea

8. Horseback holidays in Gargano National Park

Between beautiful cliffs, white houses and endless forests Gargano Park offers to a careful traveler breathtaking landscapes. The horse gives us a vantage point of view and it lead us where we wouldn’t be able to arrive, giving us new emotions and a holiday in harmony with nature between indescribable views. In the heart of the beautiful Gargano, on a small plateau there’s the organic farmhouse Falcare which together with the pool and the bike gives you the opportunity to discover the most beautiful forests of the Gargano, such as Bosco Quarto, with unforgettable horse rides.

Horseback holidays in Gargano National Park

9. Horseback riding in Tuscany

Among 300 hectares of woods and pastures where deer, mouflon, roe deer and horses live in their natural state, you can stay in the ancient stone houses, furnished with rustic furniture, for a relaxing and natural holiday. We are in Sansepolcro, Tuscany in the farmhouse La Conca on Valtibertina that invites you on exclusive horseback holidays. Within the private park there are different routes to be traveled on horseback to admire the wildlife and just off the farm you can discover the area of the Tiber Valley, or you can follow the movements of San Francesco in interesting religious routes.

Tiber Valley

10. Horseback holidays on the Apennines of Bologna

In a charming and pristine territory, once a key communication route between north and south, a day in the saddle of a horse will give you unique emotions and allow you to discover the historical and natural beauties, that remained unchanged over time, of this welcoming scenery. At an altitude of 900m above sea level there’s the Farm Podere Caselina. We are in the heart of the Apennines of Bologna, a short walk from the lakes Suviana and Brasimone, between forests and grasslands where it is easy to see deer, roe deer and fallow deer. You will enjoy the excellent products of the land and venture into incredible trails, including the High Street of Parks riding horses.

Horseback holidays in Bologna Apennine

11. Among the hot spring and eighteenth century villas in Tuscany

Luxurious rooms and a wilderness: this is the Farmhouse Tassobarbasso. In the surroundings you can discover the village of Crespina with its villas, the Casciana Terme‘s spa pool, the sea of ​​Livorno, the city of Pisa and the Etruscan and Roman beauties of Volterra. Nearby, you also find 3 stables, within walking distance, allowing you to experience strong emotions with beautiful horse riding.


12. Horseback holidays in Liguria

Spend a riding holiday in the beautiful Liguria, among its rugged coasts and colorful fishing villages. Be enchanted, on a sunny day, by the colors of the region, its perfumes, its sunsets and its uncontaminated nature. Have you ever tried to spend a holiday in an Ecovillage? Not yet? Do not wait any longer and discover the Ecovillage Torri Superiore in Western Liguria, born as a result of restructuring in a ecological way a abandoned medieval village. Participates in the life of the community, meet people from all over the world and tasted incredible organic breakfasts. In a distance of 4km there are also stables for your horseback holidays that offers private lessons or group walks.

Ligurian landscape

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