Human behavior on planet Earth is one of the major causes of climate change: the use of fossil fuels and deforestation raise carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere with worrying consequences. Our generation has the task of stopping these climate changes and safeguarding the planet. The best way to compensate for the CO2 produced and released in the atmosphere is to plant trees.

forest of trees
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These sumptuous trees hide delicate instruments in their leaves that absorb carbon dioxide to produce energy for the whole body, releasing oxygen into the atmosphere.

bridge in the forest
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Let’s see 6 good reasons to plant trees:

1. Plant trees to absorb carbon dioxide

Trees absorb carbon dioxide to produce energy and release oxygen into the environment. This process is known as photosynthesis and is the most effective way we have to keep the air we breathe clean.

trees at sunset
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2. Trees absorb particulates

These particulates, known as PM10 and PM2.5, are harmful to the respiratory system and are mainly produced by combustion processes. Trees can retain fine dust inside the leaves, capturing them from the air.

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3. Trees lower the temperature

By absorbing CO2, trees contribute to lowering the temperature in our cities through the evaporation process that removes heat from the environment, especially in summer. Moreover, with their immense foliage, they shade and create oases of refreshment on the sunniest days.

light filters through the trees
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4. Trees provide shelter for many animal species

Around the life of a tree, the world of many other living beings develops: from small mammals and birds to insects. They create a perfect and balanced ecosystem that must be safeguarded and encouraged.

animals on rocks
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5. Trees reinforce the soil

The tree roots infiltrate deep into the ground creating a dense network that stabilizes and strengthens it. This helps limit landslides and their devastating effects. Furthermore, the foliage of the trees helps to bring the water to the ground in a less impetuous way.

camping tent in a clearing
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6. Trees improve our mood

Walking in nature and looking at trees is a very relaxing activity that helps take a break from everyday life. The wind that moves the leaves and the noise of the forest animals helps to improve the mood and to reduce depression, giving us the energy needed to face our daily challenges.

girl in a forest
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