What if we didn’t longer thinks just in terms of “how much money it cost me” before we buy a product or before traveling but we thought “how many trees will it cost?”

This is the idea behind HowManyTrees, website of ​​two engineers who we met few days ago.

In the website, answering simple questions about your lifestyle, you can find out your environmental impact calculated in tonnes of CO2 per year and the fees trees needed to offset them.

You will also find out tips and ideas for reducing your carbon footprint. You will discover how to better manage heating and electricity in the house, what are the means of transport to be preferred and which food is more just for the planet.


More about Howmanytrees

Here’s what Stefano Porro and Alberto Romanengo, HowManyTrees co-founders, told us about their fantastic project:

Where the idea of HowManyTrees comes?

Howmanytrees was founded by two friends engineers with a passion for the environment, who want to raise people’s awareness on the environmental impact of their choices. To do this we sought a simple and effective tool. Hence the idea to assess the environmentalcost of everything and express it in trees.

How can we change the paradigm, thinking in terms of ‘how many trees’, instead of ‘how much is it’?

To change the paradigm it’s necessary that everyone begins to wonder about the ecological cost of the different options and to find out, you can just contact howmanytrees. Ask and then learn about the ecological cost is the first step to gradually change their lifestyles, naturally. Knowing that the chicken costs a quarter of beef, slowly I will tend to buy less meat. Not everyone will react the same way, but the trend will be marked. No sudden and absolute drastic solutions, but gradual, weighted and worn on one’s personality. Each of us can change a lot with little effort.

And, how we can travel in a more sustainable way?

And, even more so when we travel we need to know where to go. Conscious accommodations are a beautiful lighthouse.

HowManyTrees - reduce environmental impact in travel

Why trees?

The trees are a “natural antidote to CO2“, absorbing it through photosynthesis and returning oxygen.
Increase in CO2 emissions is equivalent to cutting trees and destroying entire forests, while reducing your carbon dioxide emissions equivalent to planting trees!

HowManyTrees dreams, and we with them, a world where people no longer ask “How much money it costs?” But, before everything, they ask “How many trees will it costs?”


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