Biodynamic wine holidays in Slovenia are becoming more and more popular. Eco-conscious travelers are aware of the importance of healthy nutrition in order to feel good. Biodynamic agriculture is a form of alternative agriculture very similar to organic farming, but it includes various esoteric concepts drawn from the ideas of Rudolf Steiner.  Biodynamic wine-growing farms are very special because of humility, sincerity, responsibility, respect, and love for the earth, nature, and neighbor. Perfect ecosystems only exist where humans cooperate with nature.

Source: Korenika and Moškon winery

The key to life is in harmony and balance – these biodynamic principles are followed in the vineyard and in the wine cellar. The results are the premium quality wines with several international awards. Explore the best biodynamic wine tours and tastings in Slovenia, discover stunning landscapes and incredible vineyard sites and experience the traditional grape harvesting events with locals.

1. Guerila biodynamic winery, Vipava valley

Guerila biodynamic winery - biodynamic wine holidays in Slovenia
Source: Guerila biodynamic winery

Guerila wines are a reflection of biodynamic cultivation and the Vipava wine cellar tradition. Enjoy in a relaxed atmosphere, visit the authentic vintage wine cellar, take a walk in the vineyards and find out more about the biodynamic farming methods. In Guerilla winery you will meet the best sommelier in Slovenia, so you can brush up on your biodynamic winemaking knowledge to impress the friends back home!

Where to eco-friendly stay on your biodynamic wine holidays in Slovenia?

Boutique Bio Hotel St. Daniel -

Boutique bio hotel St. Daniel is located in a charming village Štanjel in the countryside. It is the holistic center and a place to feel good, eat and drink well, sleep well, move well and be loaded with positive thoughts. The rooms are furnished with natural materials in antique style and named after the Solfeggio frequencies. Guests have access to a wellness center with sauna, hydrotherapy, gym, massage, and relaxation area. The cuisine of the bio hotel pays special attention to the traditional recipes from this area and tailor-made menus;  from vegan, vegetarian or meat, to gluten-free and lactose-free.

2. Rodica Family wine cellar, Merezige

Rodica biodynamic winery - biodynamic wine holidays in Slovenia -
Source: Rodica biodynamic winery

Rodica Family Biodynamic wine farm is located in the heart of Slovenian Istria, in the village of Truške in Marezige, 12 km above the town of Koper. The cellar is situated on top of a hill, overlooking the Gulf Sea and the unspoiled valley of the river Dragonja. The vines are left to grow naturally without the use of pesticides and the result is pure and harmonious wine. They are growing the indigenous wine varieties typical for the northern part of Istria. You can take a private tour of the estate or come along to a wine tasting.

Where to eco-friendly stay near the Rodica winery? - Houses of Slovenian Istria

The Houses of Slovenian Istria are located in the midst of a vineyard and offer a magnificent view over the Koper/Trieste Bay. The interior in each of the houses also reveals the history of Slovenian Istria as well as the stories of the local Šavrinke women. Šavrinke were our grandmothers who were selling and smuggling homemade products to the big market at Trieste. Here you can enjoy nature, tradition, culture, and peace. Each house is an individual unit and can accommodate up to 3 persons.

3. The Korenika & Moškon winery, Korte

Korenika and Moskon winery - biodynamic wine holidays in Slovenia-
Source: Korenika and Moskon winery

The Korenika&Moškon winery is located in Korte, an authentic village in the heart of Slovenian Istria. Excellent exposure to the sun, the closeness of the sea and the hillside position overlooking the Sečovlje salt pans help them to create very distinctive red and white wines. They follow a biodynamic philosophy for their winemaking, respect nature and preserve traditional wine production methods with great passion and commitment.

Where to eco-friendly stay near the Korenika & Moškon winery?

Ecobnb - Istrian stone houses Padna

Istrian Stone Houses Padna are two charming stone build holiday houses in the heart of Šavrini hills just 20 min drive from Slovenian coastal towns. Peace, quiet, authentic local experience, pristine countryside, breathtaking views from the houses, located on the verge of old village Padna, surrounded with the ancient olive groves. Ideal place for an autumn getaway and cycling trips in Slovenian Istria.

4. Valentan winery & farm, Malečnik

Valentan biodynamic winery & farm - biodynamic wine holidays in Slovenia
Source: Valentan biodynamic winery & farm

Only 15 minutes from Maribor, the Valentan winery and organic farm are in the heart of the Podravje wine-growing region in Štajerska. It was started by a couple who believed in the potential of responsible farming to create a greener future for their children. They had the dream of making wines naturally and sustainably. They have been adapting to biodynamic principles – following the cycles of the moon for work done in the vineyard and the cellar. Find out more about why working in this way is so important to them with a tour of the vineyard and a tasting of their top wines.

Where to eco & chocolate-friendly stay?

Chocolate village by the river -

Wine and chocolate have a lot of similarities to each other, as they both contain flavanols (antioxidants). Chocolate Village by the river is a luxurious glamping resort located in the picturesque environment of a natural park by the Drava river, where everything revolves around chocolate. For the most unique experience, relax in the sauna with a chocolate bath on a tree. The eco-resort is open all year long, but chocolate tastes even better on fairy-tale winter evenings while listening to the crackling of the fire or the autumn dance of the raindrops.

5. Šuman wines, Voličina

Šuman biodynamic vineyards are positioned on the north-east part of Slovenia, in the middle of Srednje slovenske gorice, 30 min drive from Maribor.  This area meets Panonska and Mediterranean climate, both under the influence of Alpin climate, which gives wines their freshness, richness, and variety. They trust the Nature to know the right way, listen to her needs, and help her along. Their vineyards are full of life, farm animals are freely walking and birds have special habitat there.  The result is that they make hand-crafted, top quality wines that you can enjoy yourself on a tasting visit.

Experience the unforgettable grape harvesting events with locals

Ecological Tourist Farm Urška -
Source: Grape harvesting on ecological Tourist Farm Urška

Since the earliest times, grape harvests have been established as social events. When the grapes are ripe enough and contain the proper quantity of sugar, the whole family shows up, along with those who come to help them pick the sweet grapes. Grab a pair of grape harvest shears and join the most joyful task in the vineyard.

Where to eco-friendly stay after grape harvesting event?

Ecological Tourist Farm Urška -

Ecological tourist farm Urška is a certified ecological and family-friendly tourist farm with exceptional homemade food, infinity pool, and private wellness with hay baths. After spending the day in the vineyard, you can relax in the House of wellbeing with the Finnish sauna, a Turkish bath, massaging showers, a whirlpool, hay baths, and a relaxation room. Special experiences, such as sleeping in a hayloft, gazing at the stars, collecting eggs from the hen house, visiting the neighboring farm, helping to bake bread or taking part in a felting workshop – are the stories that will connect you with the hosts and that will make your experience a unique one.

Ecological Tourist Farm Urška -

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