There is in the small islands a unique charm, difficult to explain. It is perhaps the sea that surrounds them, or the nature that appears wilder, the feeling of adventure that you feel from the moment you embark to reach it or the evocative atmosphere. In Croatia, 29.7 kilometers from the mainland, there is the Silba island, also known as the pedestrian island. Since we discovered it, we think of nothing else but our next vacation, in this place so magical. Ready to descender it with us?

The sea in Silba island

Silba, which is part of the Zadar archipelago, is truly a unique destination. Here there are no cars or motorcycles, but only the postman’s scooter and tractors that can be used for a few hours a day to transport goods and basic necessities. Dominated by silence and peace, the island offers the opportunity to experience moments of absolute relaxation, between mornings spent in the beaches, walks in the woods and talks with the locals.

Silba, Croatia

The island of Silba is definitely the perfect destination for those who dream of a summer of tranquility, for those who love the sea and nature. Looking at it from above it looks like an eight and the only village is located on the narrowest part; around there are beautiful bays with a pebble or sandy beaches and thick forests waiting to be discovered. During the year the inhabitants are little more than 200, but in summer the tourists who arrive are more than 1000, maybe they choose this place to escape from life and frenzy, getting to Silba is indeed like entering a new dimension, far from the reality known by those who live in the city. The sea is crystal cleat and it is easy to glimpse groups of playful dolphins, there are bars and restaurants offering typical Dalmatian specialties and fresh fish dishes, the atmosphere is suggestive, almost bohemian thanks to the many musicians and artists who have inhabited it and they still live in it. Silba’s unmistakable symbol is surely the tower that rises a few steps from the post office. it is 15 meters high and has an external spiral staircase that allows you to get to the top. It is said that it was built by a local captain, Petar Marinić, as a testimony of unhappy love. On foot or by boat it is easy to find deserted beaches or you can always choose the most famous one, Šotorišce, located right in front of the village.

Sotorišće, Silba island
© Msablic via Wikimedia

Where to sleep on the island of Silba

A Silba you will not find hotels, but only the hospitality of the locals, who rent rooms and houses. Among the various offers, there is also a Bed&Breakfast attentive to the environment. Otium offers breakfast with smoothies and local products, a garden perfect also for those who want to engage in yoga and comfortable rooms and apartments. Pets are allowed.

An authentic island. Where there are no roads or noises. Where nature is still pristine and the pace of life slow. Our suitcases are ready, yours?