Drinking  spring water is becoming increasingly popular as more and more eco-conscious travelers are searching for undisovered natural water springs, where water is not only the cleanest but also contains the outstanding energetic and healing properties. Fascinating scientific findings of Dr. Masaru Emoto with frozen water crystals reveal the enormous power and greatest mysteries of the water. It is not only an essence of life but also holds a memory and is influenced by our consciousness.

water contains the outstanding energetic and healing properties
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Spring water will provide you with positive energy, strengthen your immune system, heal you, regenerate you and boost your joy of life.  If you want to collect it when its energies are the strongest, you should visit the water springs at full moon just before the sunrise. 

Here are the 6 natural water springs in Croatia that still remained hidden sights. They don’t attract hordes of people thanks to the fact that they are not (yet) located on the main tourist routes:

1. River Krka natural water spring – a hidden beauty under the glorious waterfall

river Krka spring under the Krčić waterfall, one of the most beautiful natural water springs in Croatia
Source: Dalmatian Zagora Facebook page

The river Krka after which the National Park Krka got its name, originates at a spring close to the historic town of Knin in Dalmatia. The spring is located far from the overcrowded tourist hotspots, under the fascinating 22-meter high waterfall called Krčić. The autumn and early winter represent the best season for visit, because the waterfall Krčić dries out in summertime.

2. River Grab natural water spring – magical spring of life with still functional 600-years old watermill

Grab natural water spring
Source: Dalmatian Zagora Facebook page

The source of the river Grab is located in Dalmatian hinterland close to the town of Trilj and can be accessed by the trail which passes along old-mills and a beautiful stone bridge. Old mills are well preserved and have been operating for the last 600-years. Here you will see many locals buying the finest organic baking flour for home-made bread.

Grab old mills Trilj
Source: Dalmatian Zagora Facebook page

3. River Una natural spring – a turquoise fairytale at the border of Lika, Dalmatia and Bosnia

River Una spring National Park Una

The river Una springs from a forceful well under the forests and cliffs located in Zadar County in the small village of Suvaja in Municipality of Gračac. With its calm surface it is proven to be one of the deepest and strongest karst springs in the world. An educational trail will guide you directly to the river spring.  For more wilderness and scenic beauty visit also National Park Una.

4. River Kupa natural water spring – enchanting emerald source in the Valley of butterflies

River Kupa natural water spring in National park Risnjak
Photo credit: National Park Risnjak

This small, extraordinary and peaceful spring is a secret spot located in mountainous National Park Risnjak in Primorsko-Goranska County. The upper flow of the Kupa River is called the Enchanted butterfly valley, thanks to its fascinating flora and fauna. The emerald color spring looks absolutely magical with fog rising over the water surrounded by the wilderness,  various butterflies and abundant forests.

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5. River Cetina water spring – a breathtaking natural spring beyond the Orthodox chapel

River Cetina natural spring Vrlika
Source: Dalmatia Explorer, Adventure Eco Tours

Old wisdom says that Orthodox monasteries and chapels were always built on secluded locations where the energy was the purest and the strongest. The source of the Cetina River is an absolute must for your outstanding green trip in inland Dalmatia. It is located in a small village Cetina near Vrlika. If you look at the center of the spring, a mysterious abyss can be seen and it is yet undiscovered speleological mystery as the divers got only 115 meters deep.  There are several separate caves deep below which in practice looks like a labyrinth and prevents further discoveries.

River Cetina natural spring Vrlika
Source: Dalmatia Explorer, Adventure Eco Tours

6. River Rumin natural water spring – a scenic river and birdwatching paradise

River Rumin natural water spring: one of the most beautiful natural water springs in Croatia
Source: Dalmatian Zagora Facebook page

In the vicinity of the town Sinj in Dalmatian hinterland you can find the significant landscape of Rumin. It includes Little Rumin and Great Rumin, which represent the source of Rumin. Little Rumin dries up during summer, but Great Rumin that springs at the foot of the cliff never dries up. This outstanding natural area is also a birdwatching paradise inhabited with ravens, kestrels and eagle owls.

7. River Ruda natural spring – vibrant water spring in a charming rural ambiance

The Ruda spring is located in the village Ruda close to the town of Trilj in Dalmatian hinterland. The upper part of the river is declared a significant landscape due to the short canyon it flows through and the endangered fish species. Next to the water spring, there is an abandoned watermill that holds a memory of the past and represents the perfect location for meditation and picnic.

River Ruda natural water spring: one of the most beautiful natural water springs of Croatia
Source: Dalmatian Zagora Facebook page

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Home sweet home stone house

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