The time to remember this year’s best Green News. From environment to sustainability, from nature’s benefits to travels: these are the articles that you liked the most!

2018 was an eventful year with plenty of both positive and negative aspects. Unexpected results of polls and elections, situations of humanitarian and environmental emergency, agreements difficult to find and respect. However, we want to recall only the good news, the best information connected to sustainability and eco-travels. These are the 10 best green news of 2018, those that you readers and we liked the most.

Green feeds our minds

Green News: Green and brain: to grow in a natural environment improves our cognitive skills“Go get some fresh air, you’ll think better”. This is no longer just a cliché, but a scientific truth. This year, some researchers listed all the benefits that a life surrounded by the green nature has on the cognitive skills of our brains.

Sikkim is the first 100% sustainable country

Sikkim, 100% biological State
Sikkim, 100% biological State

In 2018 was created an incredible example: Sikkim, a federal State of India, managed to transform all its industrial agricultural production into eco-sustainable practices. Through right policies and strategies, Sikkim reached its goal and was rewarded by the ONU with the important Future Policy Award 2018.

Travelling increases your QI

Green News: Do you want to increase your IQ? Then get ready to travel
Photo by Anna Carolina Frezza

Many studies and researches, as well as personal experiences prove that travelling not only enriches our cultural knowledge, but also opens our minds and improves our cognitive skills. Which better way to take a break from the routine and at the same time to train our abilities and to learn something new?

Since 2018 Scottish doctors can prescribe Nature

Green News: Nature as medical remedy
Nature as the remedy to be happy: In Scotland is real

What did I read? Do doctors prescribe gardening and birdwatching as remedies? Since last 5 October, Scottish doctors in the Shetland Islands can, thanks to an innovative partnership project with the National Health System.

A farewell to supermarkets? Yes, it’s possible!

Green News: Say farewell to supermarkets? Yes, you can!

It seems only a fantasy, but from now on, we can say farewell to supermarkets and their typical, endless queues. How? First, we must change ourselves and our awareness of the ecological problems, and then we can rely on the GAS, the Groups of Fair Purchase, present in all the Italian soil.

OLTRE Food Coop: the collaborative supermarket arrives in Italy

GREEN NEWS: OLTRE Food Coop: the collaborative supermarket arrives in Italy

Other options are initiatives such as OLTREfood Coop, the ethical and collaborative supermarket born this year in Parma, Italy. High-quality products at lower prices in a self-managed system, what more could we ask? We talked with one of the founders.

Elon Musk and the bus of the future

Elon Musk's bus of the future

The innovative technological project of Elon Musk, founder of Tesla, tries to bring life the city of the future: No more cars and eco-friendly. The American entrepreneur thinks that in the next future we would be able to move around the city on foot or by bike. He says that for the longer routes we will use underground electric high-speed shuttles.

The first World Bee Day

Green News: first World Bee Day

Among the most beautiful green news of 2018, we must not forget that on 20 May, Slovenia announced the first edition of the World Bee Day. This event not only brought attention to the beekeepers’ work, but also focused on the bees’ protection: These little animals have, indeed, a huge value for the safety of the whole ecosystem.

The first Festival of Responsible Tourism awarded by the UNWTO

The 10th edition of the IT.A.CA'. Festival
The 10th edition of the IT.A.CA’. Festival

In 2018, the journey of the IT.A.CÀ. Festival was longer than usual: 14 stops in 6 months, all around the Italian peninsula. The goal, like every year, is to raise traveler’s awareness: it’s possible to live a more ethical touristic experience, more responsible towards both the environment and the local citizens. In 2018, the Festival of the Responsible Tourism (of which Ecobnb is a partner) was awarded for the innovation and the excellence in the tourism field.

It’s possible to choose a greener life

Choose a greener life

At least once in our lives, we all dreamed of leaving it all behind and going away looking for a fresh start. But very few of us actually did this. These are the stories of 5 people who decided to change their lives, follow their passions and their dreams of a greener and eco-friendlier life.

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