Can you say farewell to supermarkets, lines and shopping carts, fidelity cards and leaflets? Yes, you can, and with a better quality of life.

It takes time and effort, but it is worth it. You are not alone in this journey as you can follow some well-defined steps. You can count on supporting organizations such as ethical purchasing groups (more info about the network here, link in Italian), small neighborhood stores where you find loose products, ethical online shops and the coming back of self-production.

An interesting experience in Italy is Camilla Food Coop in Bologna, inspired by European BEES Coop and Park Slope in New York, a sort of cooperative shopping centers, participated and no profit, alternative to large-scale retail trade.

Say farewell to supermarkets? Yes, you can!

The first thing to do, as usual, is to change yourself and your mindset. You have to be informed and become more aware of the consequences of your actions, in particular such an automatic and common one like buying.

You have to think about your choices and raise the level of attention. Once you have done this, the next steps will come naturally: you realize that most of your purchases are not necessary but generated by marketing and advertisement and you will reduce your consumptions.

You will prefer local producers; you will meet them and understand their work and their production processes, giving more importance to quality than quantity and to the products effect on the environment.

In a world that is going towards individualism and consumerism, you will appreciate community, being a part of a human social network, supporting an ethical purchasing group and discovering that it is useful, satisfying and, why not, also fun.

Say farewell to supermarkets? Yes, you can!

Something slowly seems to change in Italy, as well. It is proved by some studies (i.e. the Sinab study, link in Italian, about the development of biological productions in 2016, ) or the growth of events where to discuss and analyze these themes (i.e. “Do the right thing”, link in Italian, a fair on critical consuming and sustainable ways of life, in Milan from the 23rd to 25th of march, free entry). Today you can find opportunities, good practices and examples to follow; it is now the time to live this change with a lead role, dynamic and well informed.

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