Have you ever thought about changing your life and finding contact with nature? Be inspired by the stories of those who have already changed their life.

Start again from scratch, leave everything behind. Who has not thought of it at least once? Who has never thought of leaving their job, moving, and finally follow that dream abandoned many years ago? Someone did it. There are those who decided to devote themselves to their passion, those who decided to change their lives leaving the city and finding more natural rhythms, all in an ecological and greener way. Sometimes a story is enough to encourage us and so here we are with 5 stories of people who have decided to change their lives, supporting the environment and nature.

From the chaotic Milan to the sea of ​​Liguria to change life

From the chaotic Milan to the sea of ​​Liguria to change life: so this eco-friendly accommodation Liguria was born

It has always been their dream, living at the sea. Federica needed to change life and Claudio is always ready to face a new adventure. So, in June 2011, from Milan, Federica Novelli and Claudio Carbonera arrived in Bordighera. Here, thanks to nature, they have learned to cultivate and take care of the garden and animals, have known slower rhythms. After a few years they managed to buy an old cottage next to their house, they renovated it with creativity and gave life to Agrilunassa Eco Guesthouse.

A curiosity: in this corner of paradise, between the hills and the blue of the sea, you can live new experiences by taking part in yoga, yoga & bike, yoga & emotional intelligence classes.
What this eco-story teaches us: courage and passion are the only thing you need to change life. Everything else can be learned.
The address: Agrilunassa Eco Guesthouse

The dream of a house in the woods

For many years Mauro had cultivated the dream of building a wooden house in the woods and managing a tourist activity, to experience nature and communicate with people. With so much dedication and the help of his wife Cristina now his dream is reality. Relais Aunus is located in Lessinia, in the province of Verona, and is the perfect place to immerse yourself in the nature.

A curiosity: the offer of this incredible ecobnb also includes a beautiful and evocative path to walk barefoot.
What this eco-story teaches us: continuing to work hard, with passion, will lead us to realize our dreams. And that Confucius was right when he said “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”.
The address: Nature Relais Aunus

A refuge for a life in the mountains

A life spent working in the office, and then a volunteer experience in the Rifugio Tazzetti. This adventure was enough to revolutionize the life of Guela and Roberto, who now manage the Sogno mountain refuge, a fully self-sufficient accommodation at 2526 meters high, in Cogne.

A curiosity: the accommodation uses electricity coming from the hydroelectric power plant and from wind power and heating from 100% renewable sources.
What this eco-story teaches us: it will never be too late!
The address: Rifugio Sogno di Berdzè

The return to the countryside

With a degree in Tourism Economics in her pocket, Elisabetta decided to change her life and devote herself to nature. She left Florence and together with her partner Samuele she recovered the old family country house that was in a state of neglect. There was so much to learn, of nature and of the earth. They always did it with great passion and now in Rufina, in the Chianti hills, there is a beautiful farm.

A curiosity: the accommodation is involved in an important recovery of ancient fruits.
What this eco-story teaches us: those who want to change life and dedicate themselves to nature in a green way must prepare for a job for which there is no school, no preparation, but that you must learn along the way.
The address: La Fontaccia Farmhouse

A life on the road and the return to Italy

Filippo lived in New York, in villages in Fiji islands, in France, without electricity and drinking water in Sierra Leone, and again in France and Switzerland. A degree from Boston University and a thousand experiences among different places, traditions and lifestyles. Everyone told him not to return to Italy, but he did it and in the Umbrian hills he founded an eco-sustainable community. Living a holiday here will surely inspire you to change your life, if not in a big way, at least in the small things.

What this eco-story teaches us: another world is possible and we can all live it; a different lifestyle is possible even in our home garden.
The address: Tribewanted