The wild, mysterious and immense sea hides a rich and surprising life, made up of fascinating, elegant and often imposing inhabitants. Spotting whales, turtles and seahorses is a truly unique experience that can be worth a whole trip. We have selected 10 locations around the world where you can meet the inhabitants of the sea closely, all in full respect of their freedom, the ecosystem and the environment. Ready to leave?

The Caretta Caretta turtles in Lampedusa

The Caretta Caretta turtles in Lampedusa

Our journey through the wonders of the sea begins in this small island of Sicily. Lampedusa with its beach of the Rabbits is the only Italian site in which the Caretta Caretta turtles regularly lay their eggs. You can snorkel hoping to sight them in their habitat, or watch the suggestive hatching, with the small turtles that emerge from the sand and head towards the coveted sea.

Green tip: On the island there is a WWF center that takes care of the protection of the turtles and of the injured specimens. It is possible to volunteer.

Discovering the sea in Florida

A manatee

The manatees can reach 4 m in length and 600 kg. It is a species at risk, as well as a really funny animal! In winter, these mammals move into the warm waters of the Crystal River, where you can swim with them.

Green tip: swimming with the manatees, but not only. At Crystal River you can take boat trips, do birdwatching and visit the archaeological park that tells the past of Florida.

Sea lions in California

Sea lions in California

For our third trip to discover the most beautiful creatures of the sea we move to the West Coast of the United States. In sunny California it is easy to see sea lions: in La Jolla, a locality of San Diego, these elegant creatures roam the beach among tourists.

Green tip: In California you will find many eco-friendly accommodation, here you can find some really beautiful ones!

Whale-watching in Norway

Whale-watching in Norway

Andøy Island, Norway, is home to a large number of whales, making the country one of the most famous hotspots for whale watching, especially in summer. Taking part in a whale watching safari means creating unforgettable memories, living a unique experience that is impossible to describe.

Green tip: during your trip to Norway do not miss the chance to stay in a truly unique hotel in the world: Juvet Landscape Hotel blends with the surrounding nature becoming as one.

In the sea of ​​Genoa following the dolphins

In the sea of ​​Genoa following the dolphins

Let’s go back to Italy, to explore the blue sea off Genoa. During a trip by boat to the Sanctuary of the Cetaceans it will be easy to admire the jumps of the friendly dolphins that follow our wake, but also for the luckiest whales and spearm whales.

Green tip: in the heart of Genoa you will find the Cairoli Hotel that tries every day to respect the environment.

The life of the sea in Canada


Canada offers modern cities, striking views, breathtaking landscapes and even the chance to swim together with the belugas that every summer gather in the Cunningham Inlet. The belugas are playful and social creatures that stand out for their white color and extraordinary submarine vocalizations.

Green tip: Canada has 47 national parks, which include an incredible variety of ecosystems.

Close encounter with white sharks

white sharks

Those who love adrenaline and are looking for strong emotions on the go certainly can not miss the chance to come face to face with a white shark. In Umkomaas, a small town in South Africa, you can dive into the sea inside a cage and admire up to 50 sharks in one dive.

Green tip: even in South Africa you will find sustainable accommodations.

On the Island of Elba for seahorses

On the Island of Elba for seahorses

Seahorses are considered by many the most beautiful creatures of the sea, for their unique elegance. The backdrops of the island of Elba are a perfect spot to meet them, diving or snorkeling.

Green tip: Hotel Capo Sud is one of the island’s accommodations that respect the environment and is perfect for those who want to enjoy the beauty of this paradise.

Sea crocodiles

Sea crocodiles
By Tourism NT

Australia is famous for many things, including the presence of rare and often dangerous animals. For example, in the north of the country lives the sea crocodile, the largest living reptile in the world. It is a national icon and a protected species. You can see these deadly predators safely, inside a cage in the water. Some tour operators also organize trips to sight them, but we recommend maximum attention.

Green tip: among the many eco-friendly accommodations in the country we recommend this beautiful organic farm, nestled in the rainforest and just steps from the sea.

In the crystalline sea of ​​the Maldives


There are many reasons to visit the Maldives and certainly you already have thought a hundred of them. Add also the fish-rich backdrops that include the huge manta rays. Hanifaru Bay has become a UNESCO heritage for the passage from May to November of this particular animal that looks like a large undulating and drifting blanket.

Green tip: forget the cover resorts and live the islands authentically and with full respect for the environment. You can contribute to the protection of the coral reef and marine life by contacting one of the many local workers.

Cover image: ph. by Wynand Uys via Unsplash

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