How many incredible views have you lost just because you were too busy with your smartphone? It is time to stop being digital-addicted: look at these 10 destinations for your digital detox holiday!

A quick look at Facebook, a check to the e-mail, then see the photos on Instagram, a message on Whatsapp, but wait: and if I missed something on Facebook in the meanwhile? So you open again Facebook, then the e-mail and it all happens again to infinity. This is how we literally got intoxicated from the digital world, and we cannot but recognise the fact that it has consequences on us. We need to be purified from this vicious circle.

So there is nothing better than an authentic connection with  nature, a walk in the green, a holiday away from anyone and anything, where the only thing that matters is you and the harmony with the world, the real external world, without filters nor screens through which you can see it.

Go offline and discover again the real connection with yourself in one of these 10 wonderful destinations… start immediately your digital detox holiday!

1. Digital detox holiday in the green mountains around Valencia

Live an experience of total relaxation iMersey in the most authentic nature between the mountains around Valencia. Jacuzzi, salt water swimming pool, view over a fantastic green landscape where the hustle and bustle of the city is only a thing of the past. For your digital detox holiday there is nothing better than Casa Tarsan: from excursions in the forest to yoga lessons, use this opportunity to focus on yourself and find again your real self.

2. Detoxify from socials, choose a stay in Yurta

Leave your smartphone, laptop and so on at home and escape in one of the comfortable tents of Yurta Soul Shelter. To stay in a tent in the woods around Turin will be perfect for anyone looking for some loneliness and the only company of nature. Walk along paths through the hills of Piemonte, observe the animals of the forest, do yoga and meditation: here you have the perfect recipe for your social network detox!

3. Turn off Internet and relax in an isolated place submersed by nature

No TV, but games, a pacific lake in the Galician countryside, a lot of tranquillity, books and hammocks where you can relax while listening just to the voice of nature. Then wait for the night to come and look up. You won’t see skies like this one very often: being in an isolated area, at Casa da Cabaza there are no lights to disturb you while gazing at the stars… a real magic atmosphere!

4. Digital Detox in a luxury villa

At Portogruaro, the beautiful Cà delle Rose B&B offers you a luxury accommodation for your Digital Detox holiday: feel involved in a comfortable and regenerating atmosphere, distract yourself having long walks in the beautiful garden around the Villa, admire the flowers, smell their perfume and detox your body also from the inside by drinking some good tea or infusion in the open air.

5. Perfect synchronisation with nature

Leave everything and have a break in this lovely “agro-turismo surrounded by nature, in the centre of Portugal! In open countryside and in the shade of trees, you can also hire a tent and a caravan to perfectly synchronise with the rhythms of nature and feel on your skin the simplicity and genuineness of a life that has nothing to do with the digital world.

6. Regenerate in this natural oasis

There is no need to go away to find an oasis that will make you feel outside the world, free from the chains of technology. In the hills around Pavia, at Agriturismo Valtidone Verde you will live a purifying and energising experience surrounded by a flourishing nature. Between a ping pong match, a good book, naturalistic walks, eno-gastronomic roads, visits to medieval castles, horses and kinesiology sessions for the release of stress, you will have no time to think to social networks!

7. A special digital detox, between giraffes, rhinoceroses and lions

The south of England has never been so wild. Get out from the digital world with an uncommon experience… choose ecovillage Livingstone Lodge and find your accommodation in a little Africa, side to side to the animals of safari!

8. Say no to smartphones in a real Country House

Be free from smartphones and computers and find the pleasure of the little things in this Country House in Latina. Detox while walking in the nature, restoring in the shade of a tree, tasting genuine dishes and making friendship with the animals of the farm.

9. Are you looking for peace and isolation? Detoxify in this private island!

If you are looking for a place away from everything and everyone, what about a private island in Canada, in the heart of the unspoilt Sunshine Coast? Choose Out There, a wild glamping overlooking the ocean to let you live your digital detox alone with nature.

10. Maximum isolation in the heart of Italy for a perfect digital detox

Podere Vallescura Off The Grid is a 100% biological farm in the green hills of Umbria, right in the heart of Italy. It is isolated from the outer world, most of all from modernity. Exactly, because here there are no telephone lines, electric lines, aqueducts: everything is produced in an eco-friendly way by the farm. Is there a better way to have a break from those horrible digital objects? Come here, the digital detox is guaranteed!

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Author: Silvia Gandolfi

Hi everybody! I am Silvia, a 21-year-old girl studying Foreign Languages in Trento. To travel is what I like the most: I’d love to do it for the rest of my life. In my free time I enjoy playing sports or looking for something new to do with my friends. I think it is important to live a life respecting nature and the world around us.
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