Since color is synonymous with good humor, why not take a holiday in the nature surrounding you in your favorite color?

If you never have you ever thought, here’s how:

1: listen to your mood and choose your color.

2: look for the corresponding route. We suggest 5 amazing places in Italy, from Sicily to Emilia.

3: Get ready to go!


Red: get your fill of energy, in Sicily, among wine, kitchen and volcano

Red is the color of love, but also the warmth of the fire and the energy of the sun.
If you feel tired and drains, if you are looking for vitality and passion, this is your color!

To surround yourself with red we recommend the southest island of Italy, the most warm and welcoming, lively and passionate.

Your holiday is red is in Sicily, in the Natural Park of Etna, the highest volcano in Europe, UNESCO World Heritage Site.

After a fascinating walk in the nature reserve of the Etna Park, to see the shades of red near the volcano, craters, caves and lava flows latest, you can enjoy a refreshing glass of delicious local wine (red of course!), with delicious local products .

Then you’ll be ready to relax in the charming houses of lava rock , or in the straw bale house, in the eco-friendly B&B Casa di Paglia Felcerossa, Permacultura sull’Etna, with a breathtaking view of the red imposing volcano.

Here, next weekend, April 12nd and 13rd, you can also participate in a course of “Rocket Kitchen” with Mimmo Aloisio , to learn how to build your outdoor kitchen according to the principles of the rocket stove and to learn to exploit the production of the heat of the fire to cook.


– about cooking and rocket kitchen class:, 3381536208

– about Etna Park:

Sicilia, Etna nuova eruzione spettacolare
Etna volcano, Sicily, Italy






Green: find harmony with Nature, in the Valle dei Mulini, Amalfi

Green is the color of nature and the color of harmony; symbolizes hope, balance and renewal. If you are feeling stressed and you need to relax, to recover calm and concentration, green is your color!

To let you wrap 360 degrees from nature, and admire the many shades of green mixed with water falls and streams we advise you to discover a hidden corner of the Amalfi Coast: the “Valle dei Mulini” (Valley of the Mills).

Here in 1400 were the first paper mills in Europe, which today remains stone ruins, invaded by a verdant and strong vegetation.

Entering the upper part of the valley, the “Reserve Valle delle Ferriere” you will discover a hidden paradise of giant ferns, green mosses, beautiful cascades of water. Spring is the best time to visit this magical valley, where nature has taken the old ghost factories.

For a full immersion in the countryside, we suggest you to stay in an old italian farmhouse surrounded by lemon groves, vineyards and olive groves recovered optic green. From the Guesthouse La Valle del Dragone, between Ravello and Amalfi, a picturesque trail meanders through small mountain villages, valleys and fortifications, from which you can reach the beautiful valley of the Mills.

Info: To visit the Natural Reserve Valle delle Ferriere

Valle dei mulini verde
Valle dei Mulini, near Amalfi, Italy, ph. by E. Benigni

Blue: forget the every day problems with a dip in the sea of ​​the Cilento

Blue is the color of the sea, calming and refreshing. If you need to dive into nature and forget the problems of everyday this is absolutely your color!

Among many seas of Italy we recommend one of the less famous and more wild, the Cilento Coast among Acciaroli and Palinuro. The shades of blue will be enough to satiate your eyes.

You can see the blu lying on the soft sand of one of the many hidden coves, such as Cala Bianca or Cala Fortuna. You can taste the blue from the top, walking along the many green paths on the crystal sea. Or finally you can enjoy the blu from the window of your ecofriendly residence Ancora, just steps from the beautiful beaches of Acciaroli.

Info: our tips to discover the Cilento coast

Cilento mare
Cilento sea, Italy, ph. by POITA1003, via flickr


Yellow: a taste of happiness, in the Marche region, between art, nature and traditional recipes

Yellow is the color associated with happiness, but also the wisdom and imagination. If you feel you need a dose of good humor, or stimulate your intellectual side, yellow is the color that suits you!

To find it, we recommend a trip to the Marche, maybe cycling through its hills and beautiful landscapes in bloom of this central region of Italy.

You can climb on the slopes of Monte Nerone (1,526 m.) passing from Piobbico, a small town protected in the mountains, where you can stop for a great lunch in the Slowcanda. Yellow is also the color of eggs, homemade pasta and soft Easter doves (a typical italian Easter cake), locally produced with a special mother dough by Slowcanda.

Yellow is the bright color of sunflowers in the countryside, to cross without haste on two wheels. When you are tired we advise you to relax in a charming cottage in the hills, preferably in a renovated ecofriendly, such as the B&B Le Tamerici, near San Giorgio di Pesaro, on the crest of the hill between the Matauro and Cesano valleys. From here, after a hearty local breakfast, you can choose from many routes between ancient villages and unspoiled nature.

You can discover the yellow blooms in the Furlo Gorge natural reserve. You can find the yellow in the slight nuances of the works of Piero della Francesca, between Urbino and dukes’ court. Or you can appreciate the straw-yellow color of wine Bianchello, cycling through the hills that  happily slope towards the Adriatic Sea.

Info: about Furlo Gorge Natural Reserve

about the Cycle tour Urbino and dukes’ court

about the Cycle tour the hills of Bianchello


Viola gardens, perfumes and sunsets in the Ducal elegance of Parma

We end this journey through the colors in Parma, a little city between Milan and Florence, where spring begins full of viola. A color and a flower which is a symbol of this elegant old town of Emilia. Loved by the Maria Luigia Duchess (wife of Napoleon Bonaparte), and used by Lodovico Borsari to launch its famous perfume in 1870.

Also this year, in Parma, until April 27th, we celebrate the flower and the color viola with lessons in drawing and botany, walks in the beautiful historical parks of Parma, themed guided tours, exhibitions and art workshops.

For a stylish and eco-sustainable stay in the historic center of Parma, you can choose the B&B Charme, a stone’s throw from the cathedral, gardens and the main attractions of the city center. From the terrace of this little B&B you can also admire a beautiful sunset over the rooftops of the city. Or an amazing dawn with tones of viola, if you prefer!

Info: Parma Violet Events

violetta di Parma



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