Alpine pearl of the province of Cuneo and queen of the Maritime Alps, Limone Piemonte is a truly suggestive and picturesque alpine village that you can discover strictly without a car.

Known as a ski resort since the early twentieth century, Limone Piemonte offers everything you could want for a mountain holiday: the ski slopes in winter, the explosion of nature's colors in summer, the characteristic historic center, the endless paths and hot and delicious local dishes.

What to see in Limone Piemonte

Limone Piemonte winter
Limone Piemonte in winter, photo by Giacomo Bellone, via Alpine Pearls

The unique location of Limone Piemonte, so close to both Liguria and France, offers an incredible variety of things to do and see. Among the narrow streets full of typical shops of the completely pedestrianized historic center you can breathe a beautiful Occitan atmosphere. In Piazza del Municipio, you can seethe Romanesque bell tower dating back to the 11th century. In the village you can also admire the remains of the ancient city wall and the "Porta Genova", once the town's entrance.

Abaya, traditional festival of Limone Piemonte

Every year, on the last Sunday of August, the village celebrate Abaya, a traditional costume festival that commemorates the expulsion of the Saracens from the Vermenagna valley. The religious procession is followed by a colorful party with folk songs and costume dances.

Slow and green itineraries

Via del Sale, Limone Piemonte
Via del Sale, photo via Alpine Pearls

From Limone Piemonte it is easy to reach the beautiful Natural Park of Maritime Alps, a real paradise for trekking lovers. Here, you can find numerous paths, which will allow you to discover, with a little luck, the local fauna among woods and valleys. The Via del Sale departs from the center of the Piedmontese town. It's an ancient mule track once used to transport salt. It can be traveled on foot and by MTB and offers wonderful views of the surrounding mountains, military forts of the First World War and finally the sea. The itinerary in fact arrives in Ventimiglia, also passing through France.

Local food and delicacies

Pedimontese cuisine
Takeaway / CC BY-SA (

In Limone Piemonte you can discover the flavors of Piedmontese cuisine, one of the most varied in Italy. After a day spent in nature, by bike or on skis, you can refresh yourself with bagna cauda, ​​truffle tajarin, gnocchi with Castelmagno cheese; all accompanied by fine local wines.

Sports and active holidays

Skiing in Limone Piemonte

The sport of excellence in Limone Piemonte is certainly skiing. The Riserva Bianca facility was built on the occasion of the 2006 Winter Olympics and offers over 80 kilometers of descent. The slopes have different degrees of difficulty, from those for beginners to off-piste. There are also routes for the disabled. In summer, the most adventurous can try climbing, while the numerous MTB trails are within everyone's reach.

Car-free holiday

Shuttle service in Limone Piemonte
Shuttle service in Limone Piemonte, photo via Alpine Pearls

Getting to the Piedmontese Alpine Pearl is really simple, and you don't need a car. Limone Piemonte station is in fact on the Turin-Cuneo-Ventimiglia railway line and is located directly in the center. Once you arrive at your destination you can move by bus and the ski bus takes you directly from the station to the nearby ski area, you can rent an e-bike and take advantage of the cable car.

Where to sleep

B&B L'Artisin

In Limone Piemonte 3 beautiful eco-sustainable accommodations await you. There is Bragard Hotel that offers charming rooms and a wellness area, the L'Artisin B&B, entirely in wood and natural materials, and the Arrucador refuge, a small 4-room chalet and a restaurant, strategically located at the crossroads of the main itineraries of trekking.

Cover Image: Via del Sale, Limone Piemonte, photo via AlpinePearls

Eco-friendly accommodations


Cuneo (Piemonte)

Starting from €120.00

Fiocco Di Neve Relais

Province of Cuneo (Piedmont)

Starting from €405.00

Bragard Hotel

Cuneo (Piemonte)

Starting from €220.00

B&B L'Abric Posto Tappa GTA

Cuneo (Piemonte)

Starting from €115.00