Two beautiful hills- Tlsta and Ostra are waiting for you between Gaderska and Blatnicka valley. These two most visited hills in National Park Velka Fatra are 1374m and 1247m high. They will take your breath away, not only because of steep ascends, but also because of beautiful nature and views.
  • Travelling time: 12 h
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Why we love it: You can explore the cave while hiking!
  • Length: 23 km
  • Total Elevation Gain: 1910 m
  • Way to travel: by foot
  • Cost: 0 €
  • Our Advice: There is also 10m high Vratnansky waterfall close by. Gaderska valley is perfect for bike trips suitable for families with children.


Map Tlsta- Ostra
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We will start from the village called Blatnica.

Following the stream, you will get in the end of the village. There are two options, you will either go to Blatnicka valley or Gaderska.

We are choosing the left one, Gaderska valley. Following the asphalt path along the stream, we will get to gamekeeper’s lodge. Here, we are turning right, following the blue marker. We will go through meadow and forest.


After a little ascend, we are turning right to the valley nearby. Here, we are finding first beautiful sceneries and breathtaking views of the nature. The cave Mazarna is waiting for us in the end of ascend. You can go inside and explore the cave, have some rest or continue further. The path leads on its edge. On the left edge, we are using chains. Ascend is quite steep. But it will reward us by beautiful views.

Following another ascend, you are getting into the forest. Through chain-secured path on rocks, we continue to “terraces”. Ascending continues up to the meadows, where it will slacken. Now, you can look for the sign of a top hill- Tlsta. Did you know that tlsta means “fat” in English? When you look around you will for sure understand why.

Enjoy the views, look for Ostra- your next stop- and relax a little.

Follow the green marker to Zadna Tlsta. After 1,5 hours, we can see Ostra.

On the crossroad Zadna Ostra, follow the yellow marker. Now, we have to be careful. The path is steep and you have to have good shoes to handle it.

Finally, we are heading to forest path to Blatnicka dolina. The path will ascend a little.

On the crossroad „Spoj Rakytovských dolín“, go to the left part of the valley. Now it will be steeper. When you arrive to the Saddle pod Smrekovcom, relax for a while. This was quite hard part after the long hike before. Now, you are going to the last part. Go through the meadow, along the shepherd´s hut.

Finally, we are arriving to the hotel called Kralova studna.

12 hours of hike left our bodies tired, but soul happy. :)


Ostra & Tlsta
Photo by Peter Straka via

Author: Nikola Meciarova

Cover photo: Photo by Tomas Pavlasek via


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