Experience amazing rock formations, waterfalls, specific fauna and flora. Gorges Janosikove diery or just diery (holes), situated in Mala Fatra are one of the most beautiful hiking trails in Slovakia.
  • Travelling time: 5 h
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Why we love it: Beautiful waterfalls and rock formations. Climbing the ladders is fun!
  • Length: 11 km
  • Total Elevation Gain: 625 m
  • Way to travel: by foot
  • Cost: 0 €
  • Our Advice: It is better to visit Janosikove diery during the week days. It may be crowded during the peak tourism season


Janosik is the hero of Slovak legends, poems, novels and films. According to the legend, he robbed nobles and gave the loot to the poor. He was born in Terchova, village nearby Janosikove diery. And so, these gorges carry the name of this Slovak highwayman.

Map of janosikove diery
Map by Eva Sabolová via Exploranza

Janosikove diery is a set of beautiful scenery, canyons and waterfalls in the national nature reserve Rozsutce. You can find three separate gorges here:

Dolne diery

With 2 waterfalls (1m and 3,5m). This is the easiest part of hiking trail.

Nove diery

With 4 waterfalls (1-2m). Right after dolne diery.

Horne diery

With 9 waterfalls (2-4m). Closed during the winter and impenetrable during heavy rains. It can be only manageable by ladders, chains and footbridges.

You can choose between 4 trails. Small route is perfect for families with children. Large route is the most beautiful one and we will introduce it to you below. Then, you can also choose large route with follow-up hiking to Velky Rozsutec or Maly Rozsutec.



Janosikove diery waterfall and ladder
Photo by EliziR via Wikimedia

Large route

Park the car near hotel Diery in Terchova. Start from Biely Potok and follow the blue trail to Ostrvne. From Ostrvne, choose the yellow trail to Podziar. Then, follow the blue trail again, all the way to Sedlo Medzirozsutce. Turn back and follow blue trail for a while, then choose the green trail to Sedlo Vrchpodziar. For 300 m follow the yellow marker to Podziar. From Podziar follow the blue trail back to Biely Potok.


Janosikove diery, rock formations, water
Photo by Juloml via Wikimedia
Janosikove diery waterfalls, ladders
Photo by EliziR via Wikimedia
Janosikove diery waterfalls
Photo by I.Sáček via Wikipedia

Author: Nikola Meciarova

Coverphoto: Photo by Eric Kilby via Flickr


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