Munich and surroundings Green Travel Guide

Munich, between modernity and tradition, Bavaria with its castles, the Black Forest and its wild nature..the south of Germany is an excellent destination for a trip between culture, sports, fun and nature !

1. What to see in Munich

some buildings in the city center
Munich, city center - polybert49 via Flickr

Munich is the largest city in southern Germany, capital of the state of Bavaria. It is a city that manages to combine modernity and tradition: it is an important economic and industrial center, but also retains many historical features.

Walking through the old town you can visit ancient and elegant palaces, such as the Old and New Town Hall, standing on the main square of Munich, called Marienplatz, the Cathedral of Our Lady, with its large domes brass or the Royal Palace, former home of the Wittelsbach dynasty, one of the largest and most spectacular palace in Europe.

Munich is also a city full of green areas. The largest park is the English Garden, from 1789, in the heart of the city, where you can walk among leafy trees or doze on green lawns.

the coloured wall of the museum
Modern Art Museum - digital cat via Flickr

For art lovers, the town offers a dedicated area, the Kunstareal, home to major museums, especially the Alte Pinakothek, the Neue Pinakothek and the Pinakothek der Moderne. From the Italian Renaissance to works by French, Spanish and Flemish, up to the modern art of Andy Warhol and Joseph Beuys, in these three art galleries are collected many works of art! The district also hosts the Lenbachhaus, the museum dedicated to Impressionism, Expressionism and Art Nouveau and the Glyptothek where you will find works of ancient art, Greek and Roman. 

people with traditional costumes walking through the city and playing instruments
Oktoberfest - polybert49 via Flickr

Monaco was made famous worldwide from Oktoberfest, the traditional beer festival that is held every year in October. Sixteen days in which the city is overrun with tourists and where you can taste the delicious German beers. The birth of this tradition dates back to 1810, when ​​a great celebration was organized for the wedding of the Prince of Bavaria. The success was such that it was revived every year, up to nowadays!

2. Munich and surroundings

the beautiful castle with its towers on the hill surrounded by autumn trees
Neuschwanstein - Diego Cambiaso via Flickr

The region of Bavaria is rich in nature: forests, streams, is a perfect place if you are planning a getaway in the countryside, so wild that it has inspired in the past legends, stories and fairy tales for children. Discover all the fascinating castles built by Prince Ludwig II as the Neuschwanstein, between mountains and hills on the border with Austria, which inspired many masterpieces of Walt Disney, as The Sleeping Beauty.

Also worth a visit is the Linderhof, the favorite residence of the prince, surrounded by a beautiful garden, where you can still find an old linden tree, from which the castle got its name.

shepherd with sheep walking through green grass in the mountains
Altmuhltal - cordyph via Flickr

There are also many parks where lovers of trekking and mountain bikers will find routes and adventurous rides. One of these is the National Park of the Bavarian Forest: wooded slopes, profiles of majestic mountains, delicate strips of mist that rise in the blue dusk: the perfect place for a holiday in the nature!

Paradise for cyclists is the Altmühltal Natural Park, in the heart of Bavaria, between the cities of Munich, Nuremberg, Regensburg and Augsburg. The placid waters of the river Altmühl, flowing through the park is also ideal for canoeing.

Mountains covered with forests of pine trees
Schwarzwald - Guido Bellomo via Flickr

In the north west of Bavaria there is the Schwarzwald, the Black Forest, an area of ​​dense fir forests and majestic mountains, visited by many tourists each year, paradise for skiers and hikers. Two natural parks cover this area, among hills, meadows, valleys, alpine lakes and charming villages. There are two major cities, worth a visit: Freiburg and Baden Baden. Famous is also the cake made with cherries grown in these areas, cream and chocolate, called Black Forest of course!

3. Natural relax

Mud  or hay baths, hot springs, relaxing massages and natural treatments: Bavaria offers this and much more! If you are looking for a relaxing holiday, it is a destination not to be missed!

Very popular are the thermal waters, rich in minerals from the underground, of the fashionable city of Baden Baden, called Aquae Aurelie by the ancient Romans, who had already discovered them, as well as those of Bad Woerishofen, home of Kneipp method. The picturesque town of Bad Tolz, destination of summer holidays for the writer Thomas Mann, is well known for its thermal baths as well.

4. Traditional Taste

glasses of beer on a table
Taste local beers - Maggie Hoffman via Flickr

During your holidays in Bavaria you will certainly have the chance to try the many local beers, made ​​with quality ingredients and served in traditional "tulip" mugs. If you are curious, you'll return back home with a real culture on beer!

The wustel are another very popular local product. They are made in many different types and sizes, and used to make tasty and very nutritious dishes, accompanied by potatoes or other vegetables and special sauces.

traditional bread with salt
Bretzel -mll via Flickr

Bread is definitely part of the Bavarian culinary tradition, with its different shapes and flavors, it accompanies almost all dishes. The Bretzel breads are the most famous, curled and sprinkled with coarse salt, which usually are eaten together with a good glass of beer. You will also find a variety of small sandwiches, made ​​with various kinds of seeds: poppy, sunflower, sesame, well as the Schwarzbrot, black fermented rye bread, tasting a little sour. Do not forget to stop in some bakery to taste these delicacies!

5. Where to sleep in Munich and surroundings

horse-riding in tha park around a small lake
Munich, English Garden - mhobl via Flickr

Even in Monaco you will have the opportunity to stay in comfortable and welcoming eco-friendly accommodations!

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Author: Anita Cason

Cover Image: Fussen - Gianluca Carnicella via Flickr