Curinga's giant

One of the Italians patriarchs, the plantains of Curinga (CZ), a natural wonder that live since thousand years out of the spotlight.
  • Travelling time: 10m

  • Difficulty: Family

  • Why we love it: Because it is a living art work.

  • Length: 1 km

  • Total Elevation Gain: 30 m

  • Way to travel: By foot

  • Cost: 0

  • Our Advice: A route suitable for everyone and in all seasons.

Map of Curinga, where there's the largest Oriental plane of Italy

It's very likely to have been planted by Basilian monks who, a thousand years ago, lived in the nearby chapel of St. Elias of which, today, you can see the ruins.

The ruins of the chapel of St. Elias, Curinga, Calabria

The itinerary starts right from the hermitage and through a short and steep path that leads into the nearby woods of Black Pine reach this wonder of nature that lives next to a small stream, in silence, away from the noise of civilization.

The largest Oriental Plane in Italy, in Calabria

Its imposing roots, support a hollow trunk with a circumference of 16 meters, within which ten people can comfortably fit and which serves as a natural cave for bats and other nocturnal animals. At several points the trunk is hollow and these windows allow natural light to enter and make visible the inside maybe blackened by some principles of fire. It is certainly the largest and longest living Oriental Plane in Italy that deserves to be known and embraced.

The largest Oriental Plane in Italy, in Calabria


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