It's like being in a rain forest, and instead we are in Calabria, in the Valli Cupe
  • Travelling time: 30m
  • Difficulty: Family
  • Why we love it: Because the scenario, extremely charming, invites you to be overwhelmed by its refreshing jet.
  • Length: 0 km
  • Total Elevation Gain: 50 m
  • Way to travel: By foot
  • Cost: 0
  • Our Advice: With the tourist office of Sersale you can arrange a guided tour

Campanaro Waterfall

The Campanaro Waterfall is immersed in a very impressive setting, due to the particular color of the rock on which the water flows, between ferns and vines that give the place a look similar to the equatorial forest. It is reached along a path that goes into a forest of oaks. Before reaching the waterfall, along the trail, you can admire a pagliaro, typical rustic building, the remains of a bridge built in the last century and bombed during the Second World War (then rebuilt by local workers), a small waterfall with more jumps ending in a lovely natural pond, and many species of plants such as aspirin (willow).

Campanaro Waterfall

Apart from the main waterfall there are three sources and a "vullu" that is a pool of water. An ancient document of the War Ministry confirms that in this place, at the time of robbery, was captured a "hand" (ie, five) of dangerous robbers.


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