Green ancient forests and rolling hills, among which stand mysterious and fascinating monasteries made of stone: the Park is a perfect place for a relaxing holiday in the nature!


colored trees in autumn
Trees in the park - Marko Anastasov via Flickr

1. What to do in the park

A few kilometers from the town of Novi Grad, in the north part of Serbia, there is a beautiful green area, with woods and hills. It is the Fruška Gora National Park, the oldest in the region. The protected area includes the hills of Fruška Gora and Vojvodina, on the southern edge of the Pannonian Plain, along the Sava and Danube rivers. The Park is an important testimony of the geological history of the country, for the presence of traces dating back to many different eras. The green and fertile valleys are covered with pastures and vineyards, while higher, on the tops, stretch old forests. 

a small church in the park
A monastery - De kleine rode kater via Flickr

Characteristic of the park are the 35 Orthodox monasteries spread over the hills, built between the fifteenth and eighteenth century. They were places of pilgrimage and refuge during the persecutions, the center of resistance against the Ottoman Empire. Today you can visit about 15 monasteries, which have been preserved almost intact. 

2. Nature, sports and green itineraries

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Inhabitants of the park -

The nature of the park will surprise you with its beauty: there are many species of plants, some of which grow only in these areas. One of the main purpose of this park is to preserve the biodiversity of the ecosystems. Hornbeam, linden and oak trees cover the tops of the hills and the fauna is very rich and varied as well. 

Many are the routes to follow on foot or by bicycle through the park, to the summit. The rocky walls are also known for climbing and every year there is a famous marathon. In the park there are also areas dedicated to fishing and hunting. 

3. The Park and surroundings: Novi Sad

the city at night with its lights: a bridge on the river and buildings
Novi Sad - Ivan Aleksic via Flickr

Not far from the park, there is the modern city of Novi Sad, the second most populated city in Serbia: it is definitely worth a visit! The city is capital of the autonomous region of Vojvodina and is crossed by the Danube, dividing the city in two parts. It is a city rich in history, scene of important events that have characterized the past of the region. The autonomy of this province is due to the presence of many different ethnic groups living together: at least six languages are spoken​​!

The old town of Novi Sad is characterized by its interesting architectures, a mix of different cultures and different historical periods. Many are the churches, Catholic and Orthodox, the oldest dates back to 1700, as well as civil buildings, such as those surrounding the Liberty Square, in the heart of the city. 

4. Traditional flavors and local food

green hills covered with vineyards and trees
Vineyards in Vojvodina -

The fertile ground of the Region has allowed agriculture to develop: it is one of the most profitable economic activities. Simple and genuine products, characterize the traditional cuisine. From vineyards, covering the green hills of the park of Fruška Gora, excellent wines are made. This is an ancient tradition that dates back to the Ancient Romans and still is alive!

The typical dishes of the region are definitely the ones made with meat, in particular cattle, poultry and game. Also popular is the homemade pasta: bread, pasta and cakes, such as strudel.

5. Where to sleep

on a table made of wooden a banana and other fruits. a guy is eating
A break in the park - Marko Anastasov via Flickr

In the park of Fruška Gora and surroundings, you will find cozy solutions for a green holiday, perfect to dive in the local style and culture and to try the local cuisine.

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Author: Anita Cason

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