Engadine Green Travel Guide

Engadine, with its magical light, is a picturesque valley of the Grisons region, garden of the Eno River. Here nature enchants with its charm! Discover St. Moritz and its clear blue lake, the mountains that surround it, paradise for winter sports, the romantic villages on the hills and the glacier of the Piz Bernina.

Engadine and St. Moritz

a cristal clear lake, blue sky and green mountains all around
Engadina - renagrisa via Flickr

Engadine is a bright valley in southern Switzerland crossed by the river Eno (Inn), from which it takes its name. Spectacular natural landscapes make this place a paradise: the majestic snow-capped peaks, fragrant woods, alpine lakes and green pastures, dotted with romantic rural villages where ancient traditions are still alive. In the valley many languages are spoken: ancient Romansh, Swiss German and a Lombard dialect.

the city of st.moritz watching down on the lake
St. Moritz - AleGranholm via Flickr

This is one of the highest inhabited valleys in Europe: St. Moritz, the main town in the valley, is situated at 1800m above sea level, overlooking a lake, a destination for both summer and winter holidays to experience nature, sport and relax!

What to do in Engadine

three people walking on the snow at the foot of a rocky mountain
With snowshoes on the snow - Matteo Leoni via Flickr

The valley is a very popular destination for the many winter sports that can be practiced on the beautiful Swiss Alps. The city of St. Moritz is the access point for the magnificent ski area of Corviglia. Beautiful peaks can be reached with snowshoes or alpine skis as well and there are also traks for toboggan.

cows walking through the grass
Swiss cows - Davide Restivo via Flickr

Discovered the valley during the summer as well! There are many marked trails for hikers. In the Lower Engadine river Eno dug mysterious gorges in the rocks, creating a unique area to be discovered. Worth visiting is also the Swiss National Park, on the border with Italy, accessible from the village of Zernez that includes peaks from 1400 to 3200m for easy hikes but also for more difficult ones. Many are also thematic tours organized by the park guides to discover the nature of these areas, very interesting also for your children.

a red train crossing the mountains
Bernina Train - Paolo G via Flickr

The Bernina Massif, one of the most fascinating 4000 of the Alps, is located on the border with Italy, in the Lower Engadine. Many are the alpinists trying to reach its majestic peak every year, crossing the white glaciers. In this area runs also the Bernina Railway, a red train that connects St. Moritz with Tirano (SO). This is the highest railway in Europe, part of UNESCO heritage, from which you can admire beautiful landscapes.

Between art and culture

a painting with a lady with her children and two sheeps, watching at the mountains on the back
Giovanni Segantini, Two Mothers, 1899

Engadine is also a place rich in art and culture. Giovanni Segantini, an Italian painter, lived here for many years. He was a leading figure of the pointillism and has been inspired by these places in his works. Most of his paintings are kept in St. Moritz, in Segantini Museum.

Even the typical Engadine architecture of the: famous is the Engadine house, characterized by a large sloping roof. These were the ancient peasant houses, where everything had a specific function, from the stable to the cellar, the barn, the entrance where tools to work in the fields were kept.

What to taste

a slice of cake with nuts
Cake with walnuts - cucinainsimpatia.net

In Engadine you can enjoy delicious traditional dishes. Most of them still maintain the flavors of the peasant culture and are created with simple and genuine products, coming from the land. Try the Barley Soup, prepared with vegetables, beans and meat in pieces and Capuns, famous rolls stuffed with chard. Not to be missed is the famous cake filled with walnuts and cream caramel. In Samnaun, in Lower Engadine, rhododendron honey is also produced, with its golden colour, tasting vaguely bitter and spicy.

Where to sleep in St. Moritz and surroundings

big pot on the fire to make cheese
Making Cheese - Paolo G via Flickr

In Engadine you can find nice solutions for a green stay

Discover all eco-friendly accommodations in Engadine


Author: Anita Cason

Cover Image: Leonora Giovanazzi via Flickr

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