Brescia travel guide - Lombardy

Brescia collects fragments of mountain and lakes in a nice mix of flavors and civilization... From Valtrompia to the Val Sabbia: a small Liguria, full of events and green ideas!
The  Capitoline temple was built by Vespasian in 74 A.D
Capitoline temple, photo by Riccardo Palazzani, via Flickr


1. Best things to do in Brescia (Lombardy)

Brescia is well known for its Roman history and the Roman ruins of the Roman Forum, Capitoline temple and Roman Theatre.

The Roman Theatre is right next to the temple and it had a capacity of 15,000 people, one of the largest Roman theaters of Italy. Polychrome marbles alternate with those of Botticino make it a simple but impressive buildings.

You really should not lose Palazzo Martinengo with the private chapel of the Bishop of Famagusta and the frescoes by Moretto, in sixteenth century style.

Not far from here, you can find Santa Giulia Museum and the beautiful castle.

Discovered by chance (the top of a capital was used as a stool by a farmer) is an example of suggestive Brescia history.

It is a medieval fortress that can be seen from all the main streets of the town, to mark in a decisive manner the view of the hill.

Isola del Garda is a picturesque Gothic-Venetian rock
Isola del Garda, photo by Bricke Dotnet, via Flickr


2. The Garda lake and surroundings

A body of water that covers 370 square kilometers with flat water and hot strips of wood, rock or plain. An attraction not just in summer, which attracts tourists from all over northern Europe. The campsites are all cozy and neat, in an almost north of the Alps way. We recommend  you not to miss a look at Salo, you will encounter along the main road, coming from the Cremona to the lake.

Desenzano, on the beautiful Garda lake, just a few km from Brescia, is a stop not to miss to enjoy the antiques market on Sundays or to walk along the lake and enjoy a delicious ice creams.

Osteria Sapore Divino, in the city center has excellent white wines of the area and a wide selection of dishes from land and sea, rethought in an innovative way. 

Isola del Garda is a picturesque Gothic-Venetian rock to discover.

Surrounded by gardens and terraces that lead to waters the visitors, covered with exotic plants, pine, cypress, acacia and lemons, as to draw a setting of tranquility and happiness.

Windsurf, photo by vittoare, via Flickr


Campione del Garda, well known by windsurfers of most of Europe, is attached to a rocky mountain mammoth. Access to the village is open from a natural cave, a prelude to the uniqueness of the place. Famous for its beautiful landscapes, Campione is a popular sport meeting place for its winds.

The shape of the water that clings to Lower Lake from the large funnel towards the north, close to the east by Baldo and west by the mountains of Trentino-axis Brescia, creates a lot of air currents, winds and breezes sometimes unpredictable that allow sailing, windsurfing  and kitesurfing.

Even the hills are very interesting. The Way of the Trompia Valley routes to Brescia touches pieces of industrial archeology while in Vallecamonica you can discover Spas and relaxing oasis in Darfo Boarium.

Do not miss Ponte di Legno, the starting point for alpine ascents and ski, even in summer on the glacier Presena and the natural park of Adamello whose peak reaches 3554 meters and the Stelvio National Park.


Even the plain crosses the province of Brescia with the Castles of San Pancrazio in Montichiari and the Oglio River, from Palazzolo Pontevico, Natural Park and the protected reserve.

Tremosine cheese is a typical local food
Tremosine cheese, photo by R.Bertolassi, via Flickr


3. Tastes and local food

The products are typical of land and lake, lake fish, eaten fresh, such as sardines, whitefish, trout, perch tench. The earth and the hills are full of olive groves, which produce a great accompaniment to other products such as truffle of Mount Baldo and the neighbor's Mantua. Do not forget milk and cheese with Tremosine soft cheese and Pozzolengo salami.

The restaurant Arcobaleno is a great choice for eco-travelers; focuses on original recipes tasty and inimitable. The restaurant is very rustic and you have to set the table by yourself in homy-style... a style which makes it even more realistic local ingredients.

La Barcaccia restaurant in Peschiera del Garda, is built on a floating platform on the Mincio. The location is amazing, crossroads between the waters that flow into the Mincio and the historical walls of Peschiera.

Do not miss in the province of Brescia shop Alchemilla, a Biomarket with organic products packaged and fresh, GMO and products for vegans.

Orobian trekking, photo by Gianni D'Anna, via Flickr


4. Nature, sport and green itineraries

Bike lanes are growing more and more. But you will also find beautiful hills for walking ...

Trentapassi horns, better known as Punta Vignole, is a top isolated on Lake Iseo, other pearl to be discovered in this province. Incredibly offers panoramic breathtaking views.

You can start walking from Cusato, a fraction of Zone. Proceeding to the left you will find Cusato between squares of the villages, meadows and farms.

You can go on walking with a beautiful view on the northern end of the lake, just at the influx of the Oglio.

A hill with a view… the one  of the Orobian, wide and panoramic, as Brescia pre-Alps bordering curious the plain.

Piazza Vittoria
Piazza Vittoria, photo by Riccardo Palazzani, via Flickr


5. Where to stay in Brescia and surroundings

Discover all eco-friendly accommodations in the province of Bresciabio bed & breakfast surrounded by olive groves and vineyards, with amazing views on Garda lake, organic farms near the Dolomiti mountains, ancient castles and new eco-hotels or apartments overlooking the little Iseo lake.

Discover all eco-friendly accommodations in Brescia


by Angela Sebastianelli

Cover photo by Maurizio, via flickr

Eco-friendly accommodations

B&B Padò

Zone (Lombardia)

Starting from 66,00 €
B&B Casa Francesca

Gardone Riviera (LOMBARDIA)

Starting from 57,00 €
Bio B&B Vivere la Vita

Picedo di Polpenazze del Garda (Lombardia)

Starting from 70,00 €
Mimosa Apartments

Soiano del Lago (Lombardy)

Starting from 110,00 €
Villa NannaDodo Lago di Garda

Soiano del Lago (Lombardy)

Starting from 98,00 €
Agriturismo Biologico Le Caselle

Prevalle (Lombardia)

Starting from 60,00 €

Manerba del Garda (Lombardy)

Starting from 200,00 €
Agriturismo Le Sorgive e Le Volpi

Solferino (Lombardia)

Starting from 84,00 €
Castello di Zorzino

Riva di Solto (Lombardia)

Starting from 30,00 €
Turismo etico in Franciacorta

Iseo (Lombardia)

Starting from 65,00 €
Cascina Clarabella

Iseo (Lombardia)

Starting from 75,00 €
B&B Il Giardino di Margot

Gavardo (Lombardia)

Starting from 60,00 €
Eco Hotel Bonapace

Torbole (Trentino-Alto Adige)

Starting from 77,00 €
Yurta , glamping nell'uliveto

Toscolano Maderno (Lombardia)

Starting from 220,00 €