Have you ever wondered how sustainable your lifestyle is? With climate change underway, it’s crucial that each of us does our part. Find out how environmentally friendly your small daily actions are and what small but impactful changes you can adopt to make a difference.

The Environmental Impact of Our Lifestyles

Did you know that our way of living is responsible for 72% of global greenhouse gas emissions? That’s right, our daily habits have a huge impact on the planet. But don’t worry, there’s good news: we can change this trend!

Thanks to the PS Lifestyle project, funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program, we have new tools available to help us live more sustainably.

What is the PS Lifestyle?

Lifestyle Test, Guide for a Sustainable Lifestyle
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PS Lifestyle, “Co-Creating Positive and Sustainable Lifestyle Tool with and for European Citizens,” is a fantastic project involving 13 partners from 8 European countries, including Italy. The project partners for our country are greenApes srl SB and the Fondazione per lo Sviluppo Sostenibile.

The goal is to increase people’s awareness of climate issues and promote actions that reduce environmental impact. How? Thanks to Lifestyle Test, a simple and intuitive digital tool accessible online, directly from your mobile phone.

How Can You Measure Your Lifestyle?

Find out the environmental impact of your lifestyle By going to Lifestyle Test, you can evaluate the impact of your daily actions on the planet in just a few clicks, calculating them in four main areas:

  • Home 🏠
  • Mobility 🚗
  • Food 🍽️
  • Consumption 🛍️

Imagine being able to see how your daily choices affect the environment and receive practical suggestions for improving them.

Your Carbon Footprint
The test calculates your carbon footprint and compares it with the average for residents of various countries and with the goal to be achieved by 2030

Become a Change Maker

The beauty of Lifestyle Test is that you are the protagonist! The project aims to involve five million European citizens, who will contribute their data and suggestions to raise awareness about environmental impact and improve their lifestyles.

The breakdown of individual carbon footprint based on the 4 categories: transportation, housing, purchases, and food, on the PSLifestyle platform The breakdown of the individual carbon footprint based on the 4 categories: transportation, housing, purchases, and food. In addition to realizing which categories and daily actions have the greatest impact on the environment, after taking the test, you can receive personalized inspirations and advice to reduce your ecological footprint based on your lifestyle choices.

personalized plan to reduce your carbon footprint Example of a personalized plan to reduce carbon footprint

In just a few clicks, you can accept various suggestions offered by the platform, understand the effect of various choices on the environment, and thus build your own personalized plan to reduce your ecological footprint.

plan to reduce my footprint

Adopting a forest, trying a vegetarian diet for a year, creating a small garden at home, moving around on foot and by bicycle instead of by car, are just a few of the hundreds of personalized suggestions.

Benefits for the Community

But it doesn’t end there! The information derived from your answers and those of the other 5 million users involved will help researchers choose green strategies to adopt. Through collaboration with administrators, businesses, and policymakers, the project will activate tools to further disseminate eco-friendly behaviors, customizing them based on the lifestyles of different territories.

What Can You Do to Adopt a Greener Lifestyle?

green lifestyle: use bicycle
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  1. Evaluate Your Lifestyle: Use Lifestyle Test to understand the environmental impact of your lifestyle
  2. Participate in Events: Take part in living labs and other events to share your ideas and contribute to the development of sustainable solutions.
  3. Adopt Small Changes: Even small daily gestures can make a difference. Reduce plastic consumption, choose sustainable transportation, and prefer local and seasonal products.
Photo via Canva PRO
Photo via Canva PRO

Start Today!

It’s never too late to start making a difference. Every step towards a more sustainable lifestyle is a step towards a greener and healthier future for all.

So, what are you waiting for? Discover how sustainable your lifestyle is and start making more eco-friendly choices today! Thank you for being part of the change. Together we can create a better future! 🌱💚

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