The tourism sector is undergoing a significant transformation, driven by increasing environmental awareness and the need to adopt more sustainable practices. In this context, new technologies and artificial intelligence (AI) emerge as key allies to promote responsible, circular, and sustainable tourism, capable of preserving natural and cultural resources for future generations.

Sustainable Travel Planning

AI-based platforms are revolutionizing how we plan our trips. Advanced algorithms can suggest itineraries that minimize environmental impact, favoring low-impact transportation and less crowded destinations. Dedicated applications could provide detailed information on eco-friendly transportation, helping travelers make informed decisions right from the planning phase.

Toward Circular and Sustainable Tourism

Intelligent Management of Touristic Resources

Artificial intelligence systems can monitor and manage sensitive tourist resources in real-time, such as natural parks and historical-cultural sites. By regulating access based on carrying capacity and anticipating peaks in attendance, it is possible to prevent environmental damage, avoid overtourism, and ensure a more authentic travel experience.

Support Services for Responsible Travel

AI-powered chatbots could serve as virtual guides, providing detailed information about visited locations and promoting responsible behaviors. These digital assistants could recommend sustainable practices, such as proper waste separation and adherence to local rules and regulations.

Artificial intelligence systems - Toward Circular and Sustainable Tourism

Environmental Awareness and Education

Apps and AI-based devices can play a crucial role in educating tourists about the environmental impacts of their travels. Through informative messages, challenges, and engaging games, the public can be made aware of sustainable practices and encouraged to adopt environmentally friendly behaviors.

Circular Economy and Traceability

The use of blockchain technology, which involves distributed digital ledgers capable of storing information of any kind, can promote a circular economy by enabling traceability and sustainable management of local resources. From food to local crafts, blockchain can ensure that tourists contribute positively to the local economy and resource conservation.

Blockchain technology

Personalized Tourism Experiences

AI-based recommendation systems could offer personalized itineraries, considering the traveler’s preferences and opportunities for engagement in sustainable activities. This approach not only meets the tourist’s expectations but also encourages participation in initiatives that benefit the environment.

Carbon Emission Monitoring

IoT sensors and AI algorithms can enable the monitoring of carbon emissions related to tourism. This data-driven approach helps identify and address critical points, improving efficiency and reducing the overall environmental impact.

AI could also assist hotels in measuring and managing their carbon footprint. Through the integration of smart sensors and artificial intelligence algorithms, hotels can gain valuable insights into their energy consumption, implement low-impact technologies, and contribute to a more sustainable hospitality sector.

Carbon Emission Monitoring

In conclusion, new technologies and artificial intelligence are bringing about significant changes in the tourism sector, making circular and sustainable tourism possible. However, these innovations must be accompanied by a common commitment to educate tourists and engage local communities. Only through global collaboration can we ensure that the tourism of the future is environmentally respectful and culturally responsible.

Author: Ludovica Botta

Hello everyone! I am Ludovica and I am 20. My hometown is Castrovillari, at the foot of Pollino but three years ago, after graduating, I moved to Bologna where I studied Languages and Markets of Asia and Mediterranean Africa. From the beginning, I was lucky enough to have parents who fueled my desire to explore and dream big. So, beyond studying, life has made me discover different things that I have completely fallen in love with like sports, music and guitar. I love to travel and discover every little corner of the world, also because life itself is an extraordinary journey that must be explored day after day.
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