Travelling is good: here are the main psychophysical, cognitive, and social benefits of travel

No matter the reason for it and how it develops, people have always been prone to travelling. From ancient times to the post-Covid era, the need for travelling has always marked the human experience; but have you ever wondered why the simple fact of planning a vacation, packing your suitcase and setting off for a destination which is located outside of our comfort zone gets us so excited and makes us happy and somehow better? The answer is unequivocal: travelling is good for your mind and your body. As a matter of fact, the travel experience encompasses a combination of factors that lead to countless psychophysical, cognitive, and social benefits. Let’s see which are the main ones.

It Reduces Stress

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It might seem obvious, but travelling is definitely the best option to get away for some time from the daily routine which may result in a lot of stress and emotional turmoil for a lot of people. In fact, all of us need to take a break from the monotony in order to regain our psychophysical balance, and what better way to do it than travelling?

It Increases Creativity

Travelling Increases your Creativity
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Travelling is good for our creativity, makes us more creative and curious, and broadens our horizons. As a matter of fact, according to several studies, getting out of our comfort zone, exploring different places, and coming into contact with new people and cultures enable us to stimulate the neural connections of our brain, therefore allowing us to open our minds. Technically speaking, according to Adam Galinsky, social psychologist at the Columbia University in New York, travelling improves what he calls our “cognitive flexibility.

It Makes Us Better People

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Travelling is good from a social point of view, too: travelling (especially but not only abroad) is a great engine of personal growth. Learning how to develop empathy towards people and their cultures, communicate better, handle unforeseen situations, face the unknown, and think differently are just some of the many positive effects to which only the experience of travelling can lead.

It Improves Cardiovascular Health

Travel improves your cardiovascular health
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If the benefits as mentioned before weren’t enough, various studies and research show that people who travel during the year are also less exposed to cardiovascular disease. In fact, stress reduction combined with the “antidepressant” effect of travelling is literally good for your heart.

Travelling is good, and you have no more excuses. Pack your suitcase and set off: travel, it will do you good!

Author: Filippo Brunato

Hi! My name is Filippo, I come from Udine and I study Lingue per l’Intermediazione Turistica e d’Impresa at the University of Trento. Sport, learning foreign languages and tourism are my greatest passions. I love travelling and getting to know new places and cultures, and I believe that the sustainable approach is vital for the future of this valuable economic sector.
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