Our jobs play a huge role in our life. Some of us are spending half of our days at work for approximately 30 years of our life, depending on circumstances. If that wasn’t enough, many of us talk and think about our jobs on our free time. There are people who can’t rest properly because of how stressed out they are. Today, we live in a society that doesn’t know how to balance work and free time, which is recovery. This recovery should take place in our vacation time.

But things get more complicated when it comes to our vacations because we focus to escape all the stress and hustle and many people believe that having fun is the thing to do.

Vacations should be less about having fun and more about feeling good and taking time for yourself and your loved ones. There are all sorts of types of vacations and the green vacations are the ones we need the most considering how stressful our life is.

I believe that we should all have a green vacation at least once a month. Green vacation means health and balance – they are meant to keep you on the right track; to keep you sane. Therefore, in today’s post, we’ll talk about the use of a green vacation to keep you productive and overcome burnout.

Establishing What a Vacation Is

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Vacation is a truly subjective concept. Some people are always in vacation because their lives are lacking the stress factor. However, others may not have the same “luck” or may simply not achieve the necessary level of balance to make work pleasurable.

Either way, everyone enjoys a vacation because vacation means time out. But what you do in that “time out” matters the most.
As some wise man said, it doesn’t matter what you do – it’s how you do it. And it’s not about what you’ve got – it’s what you do with what you have.
Simple, right?

Now before we get too philosophical, I want you to quickly define the meaning of vacation. For you, of course.

Your vacations should be a reflection of your lifestyle, but also of your objectives and principles. If you’re looking to have an amazing free time with your friends and loved ones while developing energy instead of draining it, sit tight and pay attention.

Green Vacation

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A green vacation is basically environmentally friendly, and also without extremes and abuse.

Most people cut loose from work and get wasted throughout their vacations simply because they don’t know how to experience balance.

A green vacation has a purpose:

  • To help you disconnect and build your energies back again so you can start fresh.
  • A green vacation is a more specific type of vacation that metaphorically suggests health, energy, and balance.
  • There are 6 powerful elements that should help you to combine aspects such as fun, health, and relaxation into a single awesome green vacation.

The Mind

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Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a pretty hot topic nowadays, and it is so because it actually affects the lives of many people.
Being mindful during your vacation means to be fully connected to the present moment. You should focus all of your attention on the beauty of life, freedom, family, touristic objectives, and so on.

Fully Disconnect from Worries

Don’t worry, be happy. That’s exactly the motto you should approach while designing a green vacation. Your state of mind is highly influencing the way your vacations will turn out and the energy that you’ll cultivate.
By simply making a conscious effort to ignore all the worries that keep popping in your head before you even start the vacation, you’ll be able to enjoy your time to the fullest and recharge your batteries.

Allow Your Mind to Breath Simplicity

Everything’s simpler than we think, and a vacation can show us that. While visiting touristic places, you’ll be able to connect to the vibes of other people who are also in vacation, relaxed, looking to have a special time.

Keep everything simple

Don’t be angry because you’ve missed a bus. Don’t yell at your husband or wife because of a silly mistake. Don’t destroy your day because of certain thoughts and feelings that may be bothering. They come and go, like the clouds. Let them be.

The Body

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Pay Attention to the Frequency of Your Food and Drinks

You are what you eat. A green holiday will definitely involve a careful watch over the foods and drinks that you consume. Paying attention means not going into extremes and hurting the progress that you’ve done before the holiday.
Try to stick to your eating routine and add up a few “cheat days”, days in which you allow yourself to overindulge in a few more pleasures (but not to the extreme).

Make Room for Constant Physical Exercise (in Any Form)

Plan your holiday in such a way that you put yourself in circumstances where you have to move your body.
For example, from a destination to another, find interesting routes and places to visit and start walking. Or, ensure that you know where you can rent bikes before you book a place to stay. Or, simply decide to stick to your exercise routine while adding a few more exercise cheat days.

Don’t Go In Extremes

Balance is key. This isn’t something that can be explained, but it should be rather experienced.
Whenever you find yourself abusing certain thoughts, emotions, and behavior during your holiday, push yourself to think about the opposite pole. Then, move from where you are to where you want to be and get back into the present moment.
Don’t over eat, don’t overdrink, don’t overdose. Stay healthy and balanced!


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Why have a vacation when you can have a green vacation?
Because vacations are supposed to be regenerating yet they’re often extremely exhausting. Prioritize balance and take today’s tips and tricks into close consideration on your next vacation!

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