In the post-covid world, we will be more aware of travelers, careful to the environment, and safety. We will prefer nearby destinations, less known and surrounded by nature, clear information, and flexible reservations. Here are the results of the Ecobnb survey

When will we travel again? What will be your favorite destinations? What are the priorities and expectations? What will we be willing to give up for safer hospitality? What will be the main wishes and expectations for the next holidays? Two weeks ago, we forwarded this online survey to 15,000 travelers from our community. The answers we received allowed us to outline more clearly what post-covid tourism will be like and the results were presented last week in a webinar dedicated to accommodation facilities. Let’s find out together the results of the Ecobnb survey:

When will we go on holiday again?

next vacationA few weeks after the lockdown, the researches “When will we be able to travel” continue to rise in Google. After having been locked up in our homes for a long time, holidays seem to us more a right than a privilege, a way to rediscover psycho-physical well-being, also through contact with nature.

To the question “when do you think it will be your next vacation?” 43% of respondents answered this summer, while 30% have not yet decided, 16% hypothesizes in autumn, and only 3% in winter. Certainly, the 2020 holidays will be more flexible and seasonally adjusted, also to avoid crowds.

How long will the next vacations last?

How long do you think your next vacation will last?

To the question “How long do you think your next holidays will last?” 37% of respondents respond a week, 26% only a few days, 25% two weeks, while 7% of respondents expect 3 weeks or more.

What will be your favorite destinations?

favourite destinations

The answers to the question “What was your favorite destination before the pandemic and which one after” show an increase in interest in the mountains and natural parks, countryside, and small villages. On the contrary, after the covid, interest in marine destinations and the countryside drops.

The post-covid world will see slower and more local tourism. Last year, in July, air flights had reached their record number of routes: in a single day, over 225,000 flights crossed the world. On the contrary, this year, international travel will certainly be reduced and difficult to undertake. Tourism is preparing to experience one of the most serious recessions in modern history, but at the same time, it will be possible to reduce the pollution of air flights which are responsible for 3% of total greenhouse gas emissions in Europe and to grow different tourism, more sustainable and national.

What will be your favorite types of stay?

favourite stay
The answers to the question “Which type of stay did you prefer before the pandemic, and which one do you prefer now?” tell us that the demand for self-catering accommodation and holiday homes surrounded by nature will increase. Interest in glamping will also grow, from tree houses to Berber tents or yurts surrounded by nature.

What will we be willing to give up to have safer hospitality?

safe hospitality

Certainly, post-covid travelers will seek safer holidays. To respect the social distancing they are willing to give up the use of the lift (73%), but also to the common areas (55%), the swimming pool or wellness center (55%), as well as the daily cleaning of the room (40%). About a third of respondents are also available to give up the restaurant and breakfast buffet service.

What attention would we like to find in the accommodation facilities?

safe stay

safe stay ecobnb


The main attention (indicated as “very important” by the majority) that travelers expect from accommodation facilities are:

  • Free cancellation and flexible reservations
  • Hand sanitizing gels available in common areas
  • Disinfectant soaps available in bathrooms
  • Outdoor breakfast spaces
  • Breakfast room with spaced tables
  • Mask and gloves are worn continuously by the staff of the accommodation
  • Receive information on the cleaning and sanitation of the structure
  • Access to the swimming pool or spa at specific times

According to the majority of the interviewees, “average” or “unimportant” attentions include:

  • Breakfast, lunch, or dinner in takeaway baskets
  • Self-check-in
  • Daily rearrangement of the room not provided
  • Breakfast in the room
  • Access to the swimming pool or spa with a mask

Safer, more sustainable, and closer to nature holidays

Ecobnb Sant'Egle Breakfast in the garden

To the open question “What other aspects are important for your next stays?” the answers highlight the importance of the security, as well as tranquility, economic (without price increases), and environmental sustainability of the trip. Some of the most relevant comments from respondents are:

  • Overall safety and hygiene before and during
  • Sanitized rooms
  • That the structure imposes rules on customers
  • That the structures are in compliance with PPE devices and everything for the safety of guests
Photo by Vera Davidova on Unsplash
  • Distancing and sanitation in common areas
  • Receive useful information on the use of the structure and places to visit before our arrival
  • Leave with serenity, otherwise, I can also give up the holidays
  • Peace, tranquility, silence
  • Being surrounded by greenery and being able to take many walks
  • Being more in contact with nature, walking and cycling, also visiting small characteristic places such as villages
  • Transparency of services
  • Reach the destination with your own vehicle
  • The flexibility of booking, in case you are forced to cancel the trip
  • Safety play spaces for children and teenagers
  • Eat homemade and bio if possible, eat vegan
  • Not too far from home, not having to use the plane
  • Reasonable prices
  • In my next trips, I will try even more to make choices that respect the environment
  • Places immersed in nature
  • Avoid crowded places
  • Wide spaces and privacy
  • Human heat and not just automation
  • Ecology, organic food, and respect for the environment
  • I will choose small structures with few people coming and going
  • Destinations outside mass tourism

How will we travel in the post covid world?

Post covid traveler

We will certainly be more aware of travelers, careful to health, and safety. Crucial aspects of our next holidays will be the flexibility of reservations, the availability of clear and transparent information, and sustainability (both environmental, economic, and social). We will all be more careful about the rules and the budget, but excited to experience again. We will prefer the mountains and the parks, the lesser-known destinations, close to nature and far from mass tourism. The pandemic brought man’s impact on the planet to the middle of attention. Post-covid tourism can respond with closer, safer, and more sustainable holiday experiences.

Cover image: Sant’Egle, Tuscany

Author: Fabiano Sordo

My name is Fabiano. I was born and raised in northern Italy. I studied economics at the University of Trento and I have a great passion for travelling. I am also very interested in environmental issues. I believe that each of us can contribute to a more responsible and sustainable tourism.
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