Travelling is awesome, but it can often impact the environment more than we realize. Pollution, ecosystem destruction and exploitation of natural resources are just some of the negative effects of tourism on the planet. Fortunately, today more and more people are turning to ecotourism in order to minimize their footprint while travelling. How has the travel industry changed? And what are the most important trends? Keep reading to discover 6 Eco-Travel trends and their benefits for the environment.

1. Off-season travelling

travel off-season in less crowded places
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Lower prices, less crowded destinations and greater support to local communities: lots of travellers tend to travel off-season for a relaxing and ecosustainable vacation. Such a trend is ideal to reduce overtourism, which means the excessive presence of tourists. Overtourism impacts not only the environment, by exponentially increasing the waste and destroying ecosystems, but also the well-being of the local population, who experience sudden changes in their own cities.

2. Supporting the local economy

providing support to local economies during the vacation
Many travellers support the local economy also in vacation, photo vis Canva PRO

Many travellers, in addition to enjoy an eco-friendly vacation, would also like to have a responsible vacation that could benefit local communities. For example, they can buy hadcrafted souvernirs, but also local food to support local producers. It is also recommended to choose family-run accomodations, locally owned, in order to stimulate the local economy.

3. Looking for eco-friendly accomodations

websites to look for eco-friendly accomodations
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A growing Eco-travel trend in recent years is undoubtedly the search for eco-friendly accomodations. No more excuses: there are more and more environmentally conoscious accomodations, and therefore more and more platforms for booking eco-sustainable stays, such as Ecobnb. Guests are lookng for hotels that use renewable sources, anti-waste systems, as well as eco-friendly materials and much more: long story short, anything that could improve the well-being of the planet to some extent!

4. Staycation: on vacation while staying at home or in your own city

going on vacation without leaving home with a staycation
On vacation without leaving home, photo via Canva PRO

Born in the U.S, the Staycation trend is becoming increasingly popular. It is based on the philosphy of rediscovering the beauty of what surrounds us. It is possible to “go on vacation” by exploring unexplored areas of our own region or city, but also by enjoying moments of relaxation and well-being at home, in order to regain the time that we are losing due to our daily commitments. A great way to reduce the pollution caused by transportation, but also to spend a truly regenerating vacation that can help not only the envronment, but also our psychophysical well-being.

5. Undertourism: discovering the real local culture

Choosing less crowded destinations for an eco-friendly holiday, photo via Canva PRO

The concept of vacation is increasingly turning into the visit of mass tourism destinations, which leave the authenticity of local cultures behind. In the last few years, there has been a tendency to counterbalance this trend with Undertourism, which means a vacation to less popular destinations where it is possible to truly discover the local traditions and the local culture. Tourists will not only escape overcrowding, but also contribute to environmental protection by challenging overtourism.

6. Using eco-friendly means of transportation

using e-bike for an eco-travel
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The means of transportation used during the travel are one of the most polluting elements of the entire holiday, especially if the destination is abroad or far from home. Sometimes one cannot avoid the choice of using an airplane of private means of transportation, but there are small tricks to be more eco-frendly during the vacation. A growing trend is the use of electric transportation, in particular e-bikes, for short trips. Often the accomodations themselves offer e-bike rentals, or even e-bike tours to discover the nautural beauties in the surrounding area. With this methos one can explore in a sustainable way and fully enjoy the visited area.

Get inspired by these 6 Eco-Travel trends and let your next vacation be more eco-friendly!

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Author: Amanda Passerini

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