Will the e-bike able to replace the car? What are the numbers of this growing market? Let’s find out the sustainable mobility of the future, which will be electric and two wheels.


A big change is in place, almost a revolution, and the data that come from all over the world confirm this: more and more people choose to invest in an e-bike, in clean mobility. And it is also from here that the fight against climate change passes.
Recent studies, including that of Navigant Research Society, speak of as many as 35 million electric bikes sold around the world in 2016; and forecasts tell us about a sector in full swing, with exponential growth in the coming years.

The advantages of an e-bike

The advantages of an e-bike

Decrease pollution and cleaner air, lower costs, an increase of urban spaces, smoother traffic, the environment: to talk about all the advantages of electric bikes would take pages and pages. However, I believe that it is enough to say that the e-bike combines the simplicity and mobility of a traditional bicycle with the speed of a motorized scooter, but without the internal combustion engine. It is probably the means of transport that guarantees a certain speed and a certain comfort least polluting of all, even compared to other electric vehicles. First, there is a significant saving in materials and energy needed to build it; also the energy required for charging an e-bike is about one-tenth that a conventional electric car requires.

E-bikes in the world and China’s primacy

E-bikes in China

In Europe and, to a lesser extent, in North America, the development of the electric bicycle market is steadily rising for some years, but the country where e-bikes are invading the streets and increasingly replacing the car is also one the most polluted and polluting countries in the world: China. In the streets of Beijing and Shanghai, the air is almost unbreathable and residents are seeking to make sustainable choices to counter the problem and reduce CO2 emissions. And so, about 200 million e-bikes running on the cities. Unfortunately, the will of the people clashes with government policies: in large areas of the big cities, there are new bans on the use of e-bikes.

But still, thanks also to the improvement of lithium battery technology, the field of e-bikes continues to have a steady and significant growth in sales that will bring enormous benefits to the environment and on the economy, with annual revenue of $ 24.3 billion by 2025.

So why don’t you choose to invest in an electric bicycle?

The advantages of an e-bike