A walk through the sounds and colors of a Moroccan suq, an unforgettable excursion to Machu Picchu, a day out on the ocean by boat: our world is full of beauty and endless adventures that await us. So let’s travel and discover every corner of Earth, but let’s do it right, let’s become responsible travelers.

In our blog we have already talked about the International Year of Sustainable Tourism, an important opportunity to reiterate how important it is that tourism, which can give so much both to individuals and communities, changes and becomes more and more sustainable in order to safeguard those same places we want to discover and all local people. Today, we will try to be a bit more practical, taking on the tips for responsible travelers that have been drawn up by the same World Tourism Organization.

Honor your hosts and our common heritage

Tips for responsible travelers

Before leaving, it is important to learn about customs, local traditions and the different social conditions. Live fully and in full respect all that makes each destination unique, whether food, music, religion or history, always remembering that you are a guest. And why not learn a few words from the local language to get in touch with who welcomes you? Let’s always remember to ask before taking photos to others, privacy is important for everyone.

Protect our planet

Tips for responsible travelers

Mass tourism pollutes, but you can reduce the environmental impact of your travels with little attention. Just respect natural resources, the environment around you, wildlife, stay in eco-sustainable accommodations to reduce energy and water consumption. It is increasingly important to buy products that are not made using endangered plants or animals. These are little gestures that allow you to leave behind us only a good impression, some memory and our footprints.

Support the local economy

Tips for responsible travelers

The best tourism is what enriches not the large hotel groups but the local populations. This is why it is always better to buy local handicrafts, always paying for a fair price and choosing local guides who have a thorough knowledge of the area. Never buy counterfeit products or items that are prohibited by national or international regulations.

Be an informed traveler

Tips for responsible travelers

For your safety and that of others, before leaving it is always important to take the appropriate precautions for your health. When deciding to undertake a voluntourism experience, it is good to know research well and finally it is good to choose the tour operators who have adopted good environmental policies and that, perhaps, carry on community projects.

Be a respectful traveler

Tips for responsible travelers

Let’s respect other cultures and other laws, observing all the laws of the country we are visiting. It is always better to support social community projects, orphanages or associations rather than giving money to begging children.

Do you already consider yourself responsible travelers?

Cover image: Photo by Amy Fraser on Unsplash