From the Riviera Romagnola to Pantelleria, from Apulia to Cilento, let’s discover the ideal seaside destinations to visit in total relax, away from the muggy weather and the crowd. In short, off-season, when they are even more beautiful!

Off-season Rimini, the authentic one

Let’s start from Rimini, very famous tourist destination in the summer, that we must rediscovered in other seasons. Long and free from umbrellas beaches, white sand and scent of sea and fish (that can you enjoy in the many bars and restaurants by the beach). And then there are many itineraries to discover by bike, such as the bicycle track along the seaside that crosses a park or the streets of of Borgo San Giuliano with its incredible colors. The wind is a perfect opportunity to try kitesurfing. If it’s warm enough you can already bathe, and the children have miles of beach with swings, lodges and every type of game.

Where to stay: In Hotel Perù, a short walk from the sea. A hotel that combines family warmth with attention to the environment. From the organic breakfast with plenty of local cakes to separate collection, from ecological cleaning products to free bicycles for guests. And for the kids: a playground for them, as well as bikes to explore Rimini on two wheels!

An island in the middle of the Mediterranean

Pantelleria is a Sicilian island, more than 100 kilometers from the coasts of Sicily and 70 from Tunisia. With its position in the center of the Strait of Sicily, it has for years been a welcoming place for several peoples of the Mediterranean, and there are still many testimonies of these passages. And in the island, history is intertwined with an incredible nature: Pantelleria is indeed an immense heritage of biodiversity. In the off-season, the island becomes a true oasis of well-being, the perfect place to unplug and forget the hectic pace of the city. The places to discover are many, from the incredible Lake Specchio di Veneto to the Acropolis of St. Mark and St. Theresa, from the fascinating Balata dei Turchi to the suggestive of Natural Sauna of Sibà. And then how not to talk about the food and wine delicacies of the island! In short, the island of Pantelleria is small but has everything: a breathtaking sea and a hinterland to discover.

Where to stay: Tenuta Borgia is a beautiful eco-resort that offers several Dammusi, the typical dwellings of the place, immersed in a beautiful 12 hectare Mediterranean park. Guests can enjoy beautiful gardens with private pools. It is also a farm, dedicated to the production of oil and wine.

Slow Salento

In this corner of Apulia, so wild and yet so welcoming, culture, traditions, incredible flavors, sea and warm sunshine await you all year long. Here typical Italian atmospheres meet the East and Greek music, giving birth to truly suggestive places. Strict between two seas, Salento is a perfect place for those who love to go slow, on foot or by bike. Off-season the beaches and the natural pools give the best of themselves, but do not forget the various natural reserves of the hinterland, between millennia olive trees and clear rivers. And then immerse yourself in the timeless villages, and discover the scents and flavors of ancient workshops.

Where to stay: Manfio’s Farmhouse is immersed in the green of Salento’s hinterland, 10 km from the Ionian Sea. The accommodation consists of four villas immersed in a beautiful and large olive grove in which you can relax and let yourself be inebriated by the scents of the countryside.

In the heart of Cilento

And finally, here we are in this land of Campania, where the hills are reflected in the Tyrrhenian Sea. Off-season you can visit and admire magical places such as Paestum, one of the most important monumental complexes in Magna Graecia, without endless lines. Taking a vacation in Cilento means taking a journey between nature and history, between crystal clear sea and archaeological sites, among the caves and fishing villages you will fall in love with in a second.

Where to stay: Villa Andrea is an eco-friendly residence with garden, swimming pool and solarium, located in Marina di Camerota, one of the most beautiful destinations in Cilento.


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