Montenegro is a wonderful Balkan country that fought for its independence for a long time, and it is only since a few years that we can appreciate the beauty this country has to offer. Don’t miss out on a perfect green trip to Montenegro: follow our guide!

Although Montenegro is a country with unique landscapes, it is only in the last decade that it has been developed as a real tourist destination. It is a place full of natural contradictions, ranging from rugged mountains to fjords and crystal-clear beaches, from towns to small medieval villages.

Top view of Montenegro green
Top view of Montenegro, photo via Canva Pro

Since gaining its independence in 2006, Montenegro has captured the interest of tycoons and businessmen from all over the world, who have started to dot the entire country with luxurious hotels. In addition, it has also become a place of transit for several cruise ships occupying the shores of the Adriatic. In short, a type of tourism that is certainly not sustainable.

Why organise your green trip to Montenegro

The advent of these bold constructions, as well as the stopping of ships, are slowly deteriorating what has always been an unspoilt paradise.

The ecological impact of ship fuels is increasing by the day, fouling the precious waters of the sea surrounding Montenegro. At the same time, the hordes of international tourists spoil the public peace and the natural landscape in which this country is rich.

Impact of cruise ships in Montenegro
Impact of cruise ships in Montenegro, photo via Canva Pro

If you are planning a trip to Montenegro, you can certainly organise it in a more authentic and sustainable way. How? By avoiding boarding a cruise ship or booking your stay in a glass-and-concrete mega-hotel, and following the tips in this green guide. This way you can enjoy the beauty of this wonderful paradise on earth and do so with the peace of mind that you are helping the environment and the local community.

The Bay of Kotor is one of the sites on the UNESCO World Heritage list; it is therefore the responsibility of everyone (tourists, citizens and government) to try to preserve it by making sustainable actions and gestures. One example of reducing the impact on the environment is to enter Montenegro from Kosovo, so as not to transit with polluting cruise ships.

Must-see destinations

Montenegro is the perfect place for nature lovers. Here you can find no less than four national parks where you can admire the spectacular biodiversity of this country.

Lovcen National Park in Montenegro
Lovcen National Park, photo via Canva Pro

In Biogradska Gora National Park and Skadar Lake National Park, you will be enchanted by enchanted lakes, nestled between green mountains covered with local flora.

Between the valleys and peaks of Durmitor National Park flows the Tara River, perfect for kayaking.

The Lovcen National Park will captivate you with its landscapes. Don’t miss the walk to the summit and the mausoleum of the philosopher Njegos, a true pilgrimage site.

Also not to be missed is the bay of Kotor, topped by verdant fjords and a typical village.

Finally, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Ostrog monastery, which was formerly carved into the rocks by Christian monks.

Ecotourism itineraries for your green trip to Montenegro

Lake Shkodra

Lake Shkodra
Lake Shkodra, photo via Canva Pro

One of the most picturesque places on the island is Lake Shkodra, on the border between Montenegro and Albania. It is the largest lake in the Balkans (14 km) and is a wonderful place because it is rich in flora and fauna. A must for migratory bird watchers and nature lovers.

Suitable for all needs, including relaxing walks or mountain biking adventures, the lake is the ideal place to spend an entire day immersed in an earthly paradise. The characteristic feature is the floating water lilies that cover much of the lake and which you can see up close on a water tour.

Skadar Lake National Park as a family

Skadar Lake with lily pads
Skadar Lake with lily pads, photo via Canva Pro

The Lake and the national park in which it is located is the perfect place for families. Here, you can give your imagination free rein and indulge in a thousand fun-filled activities. First of all, a kayak trip to the nearest monastery is a must. In this way you will do good for the environment by using a pollution-free means of transport, and you will enjoy wandering among the water lilies. You will also find a picturesque waterfall at the end of a nature trail among walnut trees. Children can have fun collecting them, and then finish the walk by cooling off under the waters of the waterfall. In addition, the whole family can be busy watching the pelicans migrating to the Montenegrin lands.

Pedalo ride to the Blue Grotto

Blue Grotto in Montenegro
Blue Grotto, photo via Canva Pro

You can start in the town of Perast, an ancient medieval village that will transport you back in time. It is a town with two islands, and one of the two is easily accessible by sea with a pedalo so as not to release pollutants into the crystal-clear waters. Here you can visit the Church of Our Lady of the Rocks, with its striking medieval architecture.

You can continue by passing through the old Mamula Prison, which resembles the American prison of Alcatraz. Finally, you will arrive at the infamous Blue Cave, where you can observe a fascinating play of light that turns the water a wonderful emerald colour. You absolutely cannot miss a refreshing dip in these waters!

Local and 0 km specialities

When one decides to take an environmentally friendly holiday, it is essential to choose to taste local food. Try to favour restaurants in which not only ancient recipes are at the center of their culinary offerings, but which select raw materials at 0 km so as to totally reduce the emissions related to the transport of products.

Montenegrin specialities you can enjoy on your green trip to Montenegro
Montenegrin specialities

If you choose Montenegro as a destination for your next green holiday, you can’t possibly miss the many local specialities such as lamb in milk accompanied by potatoes and cheese, a traditional poor man’s dish that is one of the most popular with tourists today.

Other Montenegrin specialities include the world-famous goulash, prepared following in detail the traditional recipes of past generations, and Ghibanica, a dessert made with fresh cheese and eggs.

Eco-friendly hospitality

Practicing sustainable tourism also means favouring accommodation facilities that have a green and ecological philosophy as fundamental pillars.

Prevalis Nature Cottage for green travel in Montenegro
Prevalis Nature Cottage , a green hospitality in Montenegro

We suggest Prevalis Nature Cottage, a place that will make your next holiday nothing short of magical. The intention of the owner, Marko Djurisic, is to make his guests’ holidays memorable. The cottage is surrounded by greenery, vineyards, and forests, and the views from the rooms are spectacular: they transport you to nature.

The building is constructed with natural materials, according to the criteria of bio-architecture. The property is managed in an environmentally sustainable manner, with a focus on separate waste collection, the use of natural cleaning products, and organic, zero-km food for guests. In addition, a bicycle rental service is available to explore the surroundings in a slow way.

Cover image: Skadar Lake Nature Park, photo by Boudewijn Boer on Unsplash

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