Why should you choose Albania as a destination for your next vacation? From beaches to mountains, find out what to see and why it is a perfect destination for slow tourism

From the clean air of the suggestive green of the mountains, it goes to the crystalline blue of the sea waters. Yes, we’re talking about her, the country of the Eagles, a very attractive destination, for people who love the mountain and for who loves the sea. It’s an unknown destination but very close to us, it can be reached by sea and by land.

1. An Unknown Destination

Rock and sea
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Well, even if it’s close to Italy it still is an unknown tourism destination, but looking at it very closely we can discover how many things it has to offer to us, such as the sea, the food, the diversity, the art, nature, and the culture. It’s the perfect destination for those who appreciate less crowded places but still all to find out.

2. Between Sea, Mountains, and Legends

Sea of Albania
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Maybe it may be the only reason to travel to Albania, indeed it offers deserted beaches, crystal clear water and wonderful coasts.

The coast extends from Valona (Vlorë) to Saranda (Sarandë).Going through the south of Valona, along the Llogara Pass (Qafa e Llogarasë) we can admire the wonderful and desolate Albanian coast. Continuing the pass we come across Saranda, a very popular destination due to being one of the more important and cold waters of Albania, called Syri I Kalter, with the legend of the Blu eye, in which it is told that a giant snake came out from the waters of Saranda and Delvina, after eating a few people and donkeys who were burning alive, the snake burned in turn.

The reptile as it was burning screamed: “Where are you, sea, that generated my head? And you, river, my brother?” The sea and the river from Scopot set off towards it, while the agonizing snake wriggled in front of the mountain on which, still today, remained the visible signs of his action. Then he fell dead. So, from that moment to this day, the mountain and the water of the sea have united the one with the other like father and son.

3. Nature, Art, and Culture

Shkodër, Albania
Photo by Drini Teta on Unsplash

Beside the fantastic crystal clear water Albania offers also a lot of Nature, Art and Culture, even if we can say that Albania per se is art, nature and culture. Therefore it is a destination suitable for everyone.

Going to Scutari we might admire the Castle of Rozafa, which behind it has a rather wonderful story. If we move more towards the center of the country we will find Apollonia, founded in 588 a.C from the Greeks and also Berat, which is the most ancient city.

4. A Cheap Destination

Ksamil, Albania
Photo by Polina Rytova on Unsplash

It may seem not for how much it has to offer, yet it’s a cheap destination, indeed the equivalent of 1euro it’s 1,23lek. So, even with a little money, you can do many activities, you can eat lunch or dinner even with only 10euros per person, there are many convenient offers for cozy accommodation, sea view chambers at just 30 euros per night.

5. Local Food

grilled corn
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Last but not least the food.

Influenced by the Turkish, Greeks and Italians the Abanian cuisine with the passing of time remained however unique in it’s genre with typical plates such as Shendetlie or Tave Kosi.The country of the eagles offers a variety of delicious food, but there are especially five plates that need to be tasted visiting this country. As mentioned previously it is very convenient eating a good dinner or a good lunch.

  1. Walking through the streets of the cities you can’t but notice the numerous vendors of Grilled Cobs.
  2. Next to the espresso in the morning we don’t find the renowned croissant but a stuffed pastry, the Byrek, accompanying the morning and keeps the day going with the right charge.
  3. On a sunny day the perfect dish to taste is Fergese, based on vegetables, spices and salted ricotta
  4. And to finish the typical dessert, Tollumba.

What do you think? Are you curious to discover the nature, art, beaches and food specialties of Albania?

Cover image: photo by Getty images via Canva Pro

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