Val di Sole, together with Val di Non, is one of the “noce” valleys. These are so nicknamed because of the river Noce, the torrent that flows impetuously, crossing the Val di Sole and jumping into the lake of Santa Giustina in Val di Non. Speaking of water, the Noce River has been included in the top ten of the best places in the world for the practice of canoeing and rafting, ranking drawn up by National Geographic.Val di Sole also includes Val di Pejo and Val di Rabbi, two valleys that develop laterally.

A Valley Made for Families

a family during a pleasant hike in the mountains
Photo by Alberto Casetta on Unsplash

Val di Sole is also synonymous with family-friendly outdoor activities. Among the experiences recommended for families, there is for example the Val di Sole cycle path, a real outdoor adventure between nature, sport, culture, and traditions. The 35km route runs along the Noce river, starting from Cogolo di Pejo to Mostizzolo, passing through unmissable views.

For the little ones, experiences such as the kids bike park, wildlife areas, adventure parks, educational farms, the nursery of experiences, and the village of marmots at high altitude, will combine sports lessons, nature, and tradition through fun, giving emotions to remember for a long time.

Towards Sustainability

a view of Dimaro, a touristic city in Val di Sole
Photo by Francesco Serra on Wikimedia Commons

Environmental sustainability is one of the values on which the Val di Sole is actively committed to preserving the nature in which it is immersed. Recently, the tourist activities promoted by Val di Sole have approached inclusivity and sustainability. The concentration has gone in particular on the quality of life, which is inevitably linked to sustainable use of the territory.

The intention is to redesign tourism by promoting its ability to contribute to improving the general well-being of visitors and residents. This project implies the adoption of a long-term vision.

The Initiatives

  • Sustainable Mobility

Thanks to this service, once you arrive in Val di Sole, you can park your car and not move it anymore. The valley offers numerous alternative mobility services, which help to keep the environment clean by avoiding traffic and parking.

  • Pejo Plastic Free

The sustainable choice for the future of the mountain that involves the Pejo3000 ski area dates back to 2019. The decision was to give up tableware, glasses, disposable straws, and plastic bottles in shelters.

Thanks to this initiative, Pejo3000 has been awarded the title of the first plastic-free ski area in the world.

  • Stelvio Lab

The initiative of the Stelvio Lab consists of a series of video lessons. Those are aimed at middle school children and the first two years of high school. The objective of the environmental didactics lessons is to offer children the tools to understand the role that nature plays in everyday life and the effects of climate change.

In addition, each video lesson is linked to a theme: rivers, forests, and fauna.

  • One of a Million

“A symphonic piece, a work of art, a Manifesto”, is how the project One of a Million is described. It is an artistic journey that aims to involve people in safeguarding and respecting the environment.

The song is written in collaboration with the music schools of the Val di Sole. It is then revealed through an interactive mechanism of sharing and participation, using as a symbolic instrument the water bottle, used to quench your thirst with the water of the sources of the Valley.

  • Sustainable Huts

The Huts of Passo del Tonale decided to enhance their alpine destination through three actions:

  1. the requalification of the enogastronimic proposal, through the use of products from farm-to-table, in order to improve the local economy
  2. the use of energy from renewable sources
  3. the enhancement of the human factor, in particular in the inclusive and sustainable growth of staff.
a view of Val di Sole, seen from lake scuro
Photo by Denis Faustinelli on Wikimedia Commons


All these projects aim to preserve the environment in which we are lucky enough to be hosted. The need is to allow the new generations to experience the mountain in its beauty and integrity, keeping intact its thousand-year charm.

The goal is ambitious, but if everyone does their part, absolutely achievable.

Cover Image: By Mauro Cavallo on Wikimedia Commons

Author: Kristal Annali

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