The Torre Guaceto nature reserve is one of the most beautiful protected areas in Apulia. Established in 1991, it is located along the Adriatic coast of Salento, near Carovigno, San Vito dei Normanni, and Brindisi. Beaches, rocks, and sea as well as the rich flora and fauna of the Apulian Mediterranean scrub make this place a kind of paradise on earth.

The marine reserve is divided into three zones: A, B, and C. In zone A, which is the integral reserve and is also the main one, navigation and bathing is prohibited, instead, in zone B, which is the general reserve, certain activities are permitted to enjoy the environment. For example, bathing is permitted from sunrise to sunset. Zone C, a partial reserve, is the one with the greatest extension. Navigation, bathing, and fishing activities can be carried out in this zone.

What to see in Torre Guaceto

Torre Guaceto
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The Aragonese Tower, one of the symbols of the reserve, has been present since the 12th century in cartography and since the 19th century in documentary evidence. Today, the Aragonese Tower has been completely renovated and presents a historical-artistic installation of a roman ship on a scale of 1:1 by Mario Palmieri, a shipwright. This renovation of the Aragonese Tower has turned the symbol of the reserve into a real museum. Moreover, by booking, a guided activity can be carried out inside the Tower.

Torre Aragonese Torre Guaceto
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Among the archaeological sites to visit there is certainly Santa Sabina. Various historical artifacts such as statues, tombs, gold and silver coins and other Messapian artefacts have been found at this site.

Is still possible to visit several castles. For example, the Dentice of Frasso castle, was built at the end of the 14th century. It is located in Carovigno and stands at the highest point of the town and is therefore strategically suited for defense. It has a triangular plan, with a square tower on the eastern vertex, a circular one on the western vertex, and an ‘almond-shaped’ one on the northern vertex that has been little built in Italy.

The castle of Serranova, also located in the town of Carovigno, was built by a bourgeois nobleman, Ottavio Serra, over an older nucleus dating from the 14th century. In addition, next to the castle, there is the small church of the Crucifix, which preserves a wooden crucifix dating back to the 18th century. Citizens consider the crucifix miraculous and for this reason, feel a strong devotion towards this object.

Activities for an ecotourism holiday

path by the sea in the Torre Guaceto nature reserve Apulia
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The Torre Guaceto offers several possibilities, perfect for visitors who want to do activities while enjoying the beauty offered by nature. The reserve is full of paths, which are not particularly difficult so they are appropriate for everyone, to make beautiful excursions on foot. Usually, these excursions take place in the afternoon and last about two and a half hours.

For those who love cycling instead, there are activities of cycle trekking. Besides, cycling allows you to visit the park in all its diversity. To facilitate this, there is a place to rent bicycles and special trails, which take about 3 hours.

In the summertime, it is possible, also for non-experts, to do snorkeling. Snorkeling consists of diving, with mask and flippers, to observe the seabed and its fauna. Before the dive, there is a preparation meeting in Serranova. In total, the activity lasts about one and a half hours.

Local specialities and 0 km food

Visiting Torre Guaceto will give you the opportunity to taste typical Apulian cuisine, one of the best in the world. So you will have the opportunity to taste fish specialties, caught at km 0. Seafood, sea urchins, scampi, mussels, clams, lobsters, and fish fry are just some of the best dishes you can enjoy.

Where to sleep green in Torre Guaceto

Mater Torre Guaceto

Mater Torre Guaceto is the ideal solution for those who are looking for sustainable accommodation in southern Apulia. The place is located in the center of the Torre Guaceto Nature Reserve and has a strategic position being close to the countryside and the sea. Besides, guests can relax and enjoy the spectacle offered by nature. Centuries-old olive groves, Mediterranean scrub, and the crystal sea are perfect examples of what the area has to offer.

Also, Mater Torre Guaceto offers unique, eco-sustainable hospitality focused on rural ecotourism. The aim is to reduce energy consumption from conventional resources. To do this, in addition to building a bioclimatic greenhouse, the structure uses solar energy. Moreover, it sets the goal of ‘zero’ waste by aiming to minimize incoming and outgoing physical materials.

What are you waiting for? Book your sustainable holiday in order to see the beauty offered by the Torre Guaceto Nature Reserve!


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