A sea of ​​stones: this is how you can describe the territory of Murge, in the heart of the Apulia region. A wild and still little known corner dominated by the calcareous rock, which gives rise to caves, ravines and sinkholes. A place rich in culture and centuries-old traditions, where beautiful villages hide. An explosion of color, from the white of stone to the yellow of wheat fields, from the red of poppies to the light blue of the sky and the sea. A gourmet destination, where incredible flavors are born. So let’s make our bags and leave for an unforgettable holiday!

All the charm of Apulia, in the territory of Murge

There is so much to do and see, you can go walking, riding or cycling. You can explore the National Park, with your eyes facing the sky to admire cranes, larks or buzzards. You can discover the places of culture, walking in the villages. The list would be endless, but to help you organize an exciting journey in the Murge, between nature and culture, we have selected some gems that you can not miss.

The Pulo of Altamura

The Pulo of Altamura
© Travus via Wikimedia

A natural and suggestive amphitheater: at 6 kilometers from the village of Altamura, famous for its bread, there’s the Pulo di Altamura, the most imposing karstic phenomenon of the Murge area. The dolina offers a dry and very particular landscape. Reachable on foot, what looks like an immense chasm will surprise and excite you.

Alberobello, the capital of the trulli

Alberobello, the capital of the trulli
© Berthold Werner via Wikimedia

Surely the most famous destination not only of the Murge area, but of all Apulia. UNESCO heritage site, the old part of the village is composed of a thousand trulli, the white buildings built in dry stone that has become a symbol of the region. A truly unique show in the world!

Locorotondo, the balcony on the Murge

Locorotondo, the balcony on the Murge. A beautiful destination in Italy

A glass of wine that accompanies a plate of orecchiette pasta and a walk in the historic center, among the white houses, the paved lanes, and the typical trulli: this is probably the best way to experience all the magic of Locorotondo. Thanks to its position, on a plateau, this village full of charm offers an incredible viewpoint, from it you can admire a panorama made of vineyards, Mediterranean forest, olive groves, ancient farms, trulli and dry stone walls.


Cisternino, Apulia
Cisternino, photo by Yellow.Cat, via wikimedia

I am sure: you will be dazzled by the authentic and ancient beauty of the white village of Cisternino. Less known than other places in the Murge area, it has a familiar and timeless charm, but all the main features of this incredible territory. Ideal for a few days of tranquility!

Your eco-friendly accommodation in the Murge

Your eco-friendly accommodation in the Murge area, Apulia

“Here a peaceful life is led away from the city’s worries and ambitions”: these are the words that can be read on the facade of Masseria Murgia Albanese, a typical 18th-century Murge building located in Noci, not far from Alberobello. The rooms of the eco-friendly accommodation are furnished with elegant ancient furniture that tells the story of this place. The ground floor houses the home of the those that manage the works the fields, the stables of the calves are located in the surrounding trulli. You can also participate in traditional cooking classes.

The Murge territory awaits you!

Cover image: Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash