Greece: sacred temple of history, culture and traditions. Located on the southern edge of the Balkan peninsula, it has always been a popular tourist destination. If you’re thinking of spending a nice holiday in Greece and you want to do it in the most sustainable way possible without sacrificing comfort, here are 10 unique and eco-friendly locations that are right for you.

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Sustainable holidays in Agia Pelagia – Crete

Agia Pelagia is a beautiful holiday resort known for being a fishing village. It’s located on the island of Crete and offers the possibility of going water skiing and scuba diving.

Do not miss: a tour to the typical taverns of Agia Pelagia for a meal of fresh fish and ingredients typical of Cretan cuisine; offers for water sports and diving.

During your journey, you could stay at the Saveriako olive farm stay. It’s located in a quiet olive grove in the mountains with breathtaking sea views, surrounded by fragrant herbs. It’s perfect after a day spent on the beach. This agritourism is completely built with recycled materials. In addition, the owners are very attentive to the environment: guests can enjoy dishes prepared with 0 km products. Solar panels for hot water, low-consumption light bulbs and ecological cleaning products are just some of the many precautions taken for an experience with the lowest possible impact.

Saveriako olive farm stay
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Discovering Loutraki – Corinth

If you don’t know this little corner of paradise, it’s time to find it out. Loutraki is a small seaside resort near Corinth and especially the Gulf of Corinth.

Do not miss: the archaeological site of Perachora 10 minutes far from the town center and its seafront.

In this area you can find the Organic farm house by the sea, an ideal farmhouse for spending an “old fashion” holiday where days are regulated by the rhythm of nature. This eco-friendly building provides electricity produced from 100% renewable sources, 0 km food and ecological cleaning products. There is also particular attention to the heating of water through solar panels and its recovery. This and much more make this agrutourism in harmony with the environment.

Organic farm house by the sea
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Eco-Friendly Holiday in Tinos – Cyclades

Tinos is one of the islands belonging to the Greek archipelago of the Cyclades, called in this way for their circular arrangement.

Do not miss: the Panagía Evangelístria Church dedicated to the Virgin Mary, the village of Pyrgos and its marble sculptures, the ruins of the Sanctuary of Poseidon and Amphitrite.

If you want to visit this island and are looking for an environmentally friendly property, we recommend The Marble House. It’s an old renovated house located in the village of Kardiani on a lush green hill overlooking the sea. From the point of view of sustainability, the highlights are the three planters that help regulate the outside temperatures and insulate the house. Moreover, they collect a total of about 400 liters of rainwater. In addition, the hot water pump guarantees energy savings of up to 70% when taking a hot shower. All electronic equipment has at least the label A + and all lighting bodies are LED.

The Marble House
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On the island of Tinos, we also recommend the Tinos Ecolodge. There are two independent houses, the big stone house and the small stone house, which offer a view of the nearby islands Μykonos and Ikaria. For those who love gardening, there is a large vegetable garden where you can spend the afternoon. Alternatively, you can take a walk in the oak forest up to the beach. But also do Yoga or attend seminars such as the one on permaculture. The Tinos Ecolodge is respectful of the environment in every aspect, from the reuse of water, to separate waste collection, to lighting.

Tinos Ecolodge

In the cradle of Ulysses: Ithaca

Ithaca, the island in Greece made eternal by the Odyssey with the famous Ulysses. It belongs to the archipelago of the Ionian islands. It’s certainly one of the most visited islands and a must-see location.

Do not miss: the Acropolis Alalcomenes, Gidaki beach, the village of Stavros which houses the ruins of the Palace of Ulysses and a Byzantine church, Vathy and Kioni.

Levendis Estate is good for you if you’re looking for an organic farmhouse and eco-chic wellness center nestled in a quiet wooded valley. The property will equip you with beach equipment such as towels, diving shoes, umbrellas, chairs and thermal containers. Moreover, you’ll also find a large library that also has maps and guides for mountain walks.

Levendis Estate

In the heart of history in Sounion

Sounion was a demo of Attica, in the south of Athens at Cape Sounion. It’s one of the most visited destinations in Greece especially for its great historical wealth.

Do not miss: Cape Sounion and the Temple of Poseidon, 60 meters overlooking the Aegean Sea and the two temples of Athena Sounias 70 kilometers south of Athens, Sounion National Park.

If you were wondering where to stay during tour holiday, we recommend Minimalism close to Sounio Temple. A delightful and peaceful house on the edge of the Sounion National Park. It respects the ecological characteristics of the region: complete autonomy through solar energy. In addition, it has a 3000m2 garden with strictly native trees and plants. For example, olive trees and smaller trees, with thyme, oregano, lavender and much more.

Minimalism close to Sounio Temple
Ruins of the Temple. Photo via Canva Pro

The Treasures of Athens

We’ve now reached the capital, the Greek city par excellence that gave birth to the first form of democracy. This place full of history and culture will take you back in time.

Do not miss: the Acropolis of Athens with its dedicated museum and the Parthenon, the ancient Agora, the National Archaeological Museum of Athens, the National Garden and the Zappeion Park, the district of Monastiraki, the district of Plaka also nicknamed the “quarter of the gods”, Mount Lycabettus and finally the Panathinaiko Stadium.

In the center of Athens you can stay in the Zero waste apartment Athens. As you can guess from the name, the apartment offers all the comforts needed to live with zero waste. You’ll be able to experience a lifestyle without waste for a few days and all the benefits that come with it. The owners will offer you a free basket full of local fruits and vegetables, DIY zero waste recipes plus all the necessary ingredients, and a zero waste guide to Athens.

Zero waste apartment Athens
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Holiday in the Peloponnese in Pyrgos

Pyrgos is a municipality located on the outskirts of western Greece. It was built on top of a hill in the center of Santorini and offers a splendid view over the island.

Do not miss: the Byzantine churches including the frescoed Theotokaki one and the Prophet Elias monastery, the island’s winery at the entrance to Pyrgos where you can enjoy tastings on the splendid terrace.

Mani Sonnenlink is the first certified eco-friendly hotel in Greece. For this reason, we highly recommend it to you if you want to stay in an environmentally friendly hotel. It also possesses the European Flower Ecolabel certification. This eco-friendly resort is located in Mani in Messenia Peloponnese and offers apartments, bungalows, tents, seminar and meditation rooms. In addition, you’ll enjoy a Greek open-air theater and excellent organic cuisine. You’ll love walking along the local paths or hiking in the mountains, visiting historical places or ancient churches.

Mani Sonnenlink
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Undiscovered Greece: Nessonas

Nessonas is perfect if you want to spend a peaceful and relaxing holiday in Greece. It’s located on the outskirts of Thessaly and is now included in the municipality of Tempes.

Do not miss: Mount Bones, the Temple of the Prophet, the Temple of Elijah, boat tours and water sports.

We recommend Natural farm in Nessonas to spend days in an eco-sustainable farm. You can choose between multiple accommodations, each of which has unique characteristics especially for design. Moreover, the accommodation facility complies with all the environmental sustainability requirements.

Natural farm in Nessonas

Final stage: Rhodes

The island of Rhodes can’t be missed in the tour of the most beautiful places in Greece. It is famous for its seaside resorts and ancient ruins.

Do not miss: The Archaeological Museum overlooking a small square at the end of the famous Street of the Knights of Rhodes, the Palace of the Grand Masters of the Knights of Rhodes, the Cathedral of San Francesco d’Assisi, the Church of Our Lady of Victory, the aquarium built from 1934 to 1936 at the northern end of the island.

To make your stay on the island unforgettable, we recommend staying at Spirit of the Knights: an exclusive eco-friendly Boutique Hotel located in the medieval historic center of Rhodes. It has a low environmental impact and was created in a historic building, originally built by the Crusaders and later modified by the Ottomans. The furniture comes from many parts of the world, including Greece, Morocco, Turkey, Persia and the Far East.

Spirit of the Knights
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Our journey ends here, but if you want to find out much more visit our blog!

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