An experience of slow tourism and far from the most crowded destinations. An organic farm surrounded by the wonderful nature of authentic Greece: slow vacation on the Gulf of Corinth, to forget the frenzied everyday life.

Greece is a multi-faceted land: colours, ancient history, the sea, headlands… vast land to explore and hundreds of islands to fall in love with and get lost in. Beyond the capital and the most famous touristic and luxury destinations, this land still preserves a lot of rural culture, which makes it special. This is what inspires the small itinerary we’re proposing: an “old-fashioned” holiday, far from the frenzy of everyday life and mass tourism.

A bay in the Gulf of Corinth
A bay in the Gulf of Corinth. Pic by

Greece to be discovered slowly

A place that makes you rediscover the peaceful rhythms of nature, the pleasure of slowly discovering the world around us. Recovering awareness of how beautiful it is to stop and contemplate (rather than run, even on vacation)… If this is what you are looking for, dreaming of, for your next trip, well, you’re going to find what you want.

sunset on the sea
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Whether you arrive by sea or by air, the destination we are talking about is easy to reach. It is located two hours drive from the port of Patras and an hour and a half from the Athens airport. The location of the stay is the eco-friendly Laka Zeza farmhouse. We had met the owners, Marta and Luca, who in this interview had told us how Laka Zeza was born and has evolved over time, to become the oasis of calm that is today.

This organic farm is surrounded by a pine forest, just 250 metres from the sea, totally and purely in contact with nature. It is eco-sustainable because it is completely self-sufficient in terms of energy, thanks to photovoltaic panels. The architecture is simple, the environmental impact is minimal. Looking out of the windows you find yourself immersed in a triumph of authentic colours, olive groves and fruit trees. The atmosphere is familiar, friendly: flexible hours, baskets prepared for meals while you go around enjoying and exploring the heavenly corners of the Peloponnese.

Outside Laka Zeza agritourim, in the middle of a wide garden
Laka Zeza organic farm. Pic by

Crystalline Sea and Nature at 360°

A off-line vacation, far from the most beaten paths, especially in summer. Days to let yourself be enchanted by the poetry of nature. Walking along the path that leads to the sea, your sight will shift from seeing the green hues of the trees to the intense blue of the water and the white of the limestone rock and sand. The nearest beach to Laka Zeza is a small isolated bay in the Gulf of Corinth. Take a dip, let yourself be caressed by the hot sun and lulled by the fine sand. But alternate these moments of absolute relaxation with equally slow but unforgettable experiences. In fact you will have available canoes to navigate independently along the coast and discover views and inlets.

Family on the beach on a kayak
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Take some time to try the dives and admire the backdrop and the fish of the Gulf. In some periods of the year then, a group of marine biologists is based in the same farmhouse, and you can take the chance of going out with them and spot dolphins. The area is so peaceful to be chosen by these beautiful creatures, and therefore it is not uncommon to get to see some of them directly from the shore.

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That’s not all. We talked about a journey to feel in harmony with nature at 360°, so just the sea – infinitely enchanting – is not enough. Organize excursions on the nearby mountain trails, which can also be travelled on mountain bikes or on the resin roads. Take part in the farm’s daily activities, gathering the products from the vegetable garden and the fruits of the trees with your own hands. In some periods of the year, yoga and bio dance courses are organized, as well as workshops for children and teenagers to bring them closer to the world of marine biology and guide them in the discovery of nature’s resources.

The Wonders to see in the surroundings

The Corinthian region is the gravitational centre of a cradle of wonders to be discovered, some very well known, others unexpected. The city of Corinth, one of the most beautiful capitals of the country, hosts the start of several itineraries, following the footprints of the ancient classical civilization: take a day to visit Mycenae, Epidaurus, Nauplius and Tiryns. And Athens of course, which is only an hour and a half drive away, but can also be reached by train, also from Corinth. Laka Zeza also organizes a transport service to and from the Corinth train station, to avoid having to use car rental for short distances.

Two towns not to miss are Loutraki and Perahora (or Perachora). One lively, the other fascinating. About ten kilometres from the farm, the former is one of the main thermal centres of Greece; the latter was severely damaged by an earthquake a few decades ago and houses the Heraion, an ancient temple dedicated to the goddess Hera.

At Laka Zeza everyone is the master of their own time, with no one to chase or constraints to respect. The days start with a rich, organic and homemade breakfast and end up around the table chatting together with old or new friends. In between, whatever you want to do, respecting the one and only existing rule: forget about your routine.


It is always the right time to enjoy this luxury (unfortunately, it is the case to call it that), but don’t wait too long and leave: Laka Zeza is the perfect place to let yourself be enchanted by Greece, enjoying it slowly.

Cover Image: Laka Zeza farmhouse bay, photo by, Made by Lucia Anastasi with Canva