We’re living in a wonderful world and it’s all thanks to Mother Nature. Without nature we couldn’t do anything, not even the advanced technology from nowadays. Unfortunately, we – the humans – don’t know how to appreciate it properly.  The pollution, plastic waste, and toxins are killing Mother Nature slowly while all she does is keeping us alive. After all, without trees, there isn’t any clean air which is crucial for our survival.

Even with all this pollution we can still take care of nature. Today there are numerous ways we can minimize the waste at home and everywhere we go. Nature is beautiful and wild and if you’re a traveler you know what I’m talking about. But even when we travel we can drastically reduce the waste, of course, if you care enough to help Mother Nature. You can be an eco-traveler.

Therefore, in today’s post, we’re presenting 7 actionable ways to reduce waste while traveling:

1. Invest in Reusable Containers

water bottle to reduce waste while travelling
Photo by Thom Holmes on Unsplash

Just think of how much a traveler waste with every plastic bottle of water, especially at the airport where you can’t bring one. But did you know that you can bring a reusable bottle and fill it after you pass the security check? As well, many travelers pack their food in plastic bags when they could easily use a reusable container and drastically reduce waste. Moreover, if you’re a coffee lover, get a reusable coffee mug to cut the waste for every to-go coffee you buy during your trip.

2. Use Eco-Friendly Toiletries

Women have a lot of toiletries – shampoo, balm, shower gel, face wash, moisturizer, deodorant, razors, tampons, toothbrush, toothpaste, and many other beauty products. Of course, men use most of these things, but not as many… Anyway, you can cut a lot of waste by simply buying travel bottles for your shampoos. Bamboo toothbrush instead of the plastic one. Menstrual cup cuts a lot of waste that comes with tampons and occupies less space in your backpack. There’s a lot you can improve if you only care about yourself and Mother Nature.

3. More Walking and Public Transportation

More Walking and Public Transportation to reduce Waste While Travelling
Photo by Church of the King on Unsplash

Of course, walking is ideal and very good for your health, but when you travel you want to visit as much as possible and walking requires a lot of time. But, instead of renting a car or travel by taxi, you should travel by public transport – you save a lot of money and spare the environment from extra pollution. Your visit to that city shouldn’t affect the environment.

4. Choose Restaurants Wisely

Chifrijo típico, portuugal
By Luis Kuthekuthe, on Flickr

Our environment suffers a lot because of animal agriculture, so eating in restaurants that serve meat you’re supporting the pollution indirectly. It’ estimated that animal agriculture is responsible for 15% of global pollution. I don’t say to go vegan, but eating meat every day is abuse and there are thousands of tasty recipes based on vegetables, fruits, and spices. You should explore this part of cuisine too, especially when you travel.

5. Pack Your Own Snacks

packed food, with reusable containers

When we travel, especially when we’re hiking, snacks are our best friend – they are tasty and a great energy booster. Instead of buying unhealthy snacks packed in plastic from the shop, you can use reusable containers or bags for healthier snacks like nuts, fruits, small veggies, and anything that doesn’t come from a plastic bag.

6. Shop Ethically

Of course, it’s almost inevitably not to enter in a shop during your trip, but you might want to do your shopping from more ethical places that promote reusable bags, reducing the plastic use, and eco products. Eco doesn’t mean only healthier for you, it means less pollution for the environment and less animal cruelty – according to one research conducted by Edugeeksclub specialists, lots of big brands are still testing their products on animals.

7. Go Paperless

paperless work

Today, technology is everywhere, so as long as you have a smartphone, you’ll no longer need to print your plane/train/bus/metro tickets. You can use e-tickets for most transport in almost every country. Do you really need the receipts? I bet you don’t – just skip them! You certainly don’t need the trash or to get in contact with a toxic paper. Finally, we can save the forest by buying eBook readers, so no more trees need to be cut in order to read a book or a magazine. Not to mention how lighter will be your backpack without 3 books in it.


We are all responsible for the pollution in this world, but we can be and do better. So, next time you travel the world take action and do everything that stays in your power to reduce or even cut the waste and protect the environment – you’re living here after all.

Planet Earth is our home and we need to start treating accordingly!