The Academic Journal Emerald Insight analyses the case of Ecobnb in a research paper about Circular Economy and Smart Tourism.

Recently, a research paper called “Circular economy business model for smart tourism: the case of Ecobnb” was published in the journal Emerald Insight. It presents the case of Ecobnb in the context of business models of Circular Economy for smart tourism.

The authors of the article are Caterina Malandungo, Pasquale Del Vecchio and Giuseppina Passiante – from the University of Salento, Lecce – in partnership with Georgia Sakka – from the University of Nicosia, Cyprus.

Ecobnb on a research paper about circular economy and smart tourism

Tourism is facing uncertainty amid the Covid-19 pandemic. And in this context, the planning of new strategies and models of tourism management becomes key to restart after lockdown. This must also combine with innovative and sustainable approaches.

The study demonstrates that Circular Economy and Smart Tourism are essential to best manage the complexity of the current and future situation. In particular, they will have an increasingly central role in the rebuilding and development of tourism in the post-pandemic era. In fact, they could be the driving force to lead tourism towards new and thriving scenarios.

This must also blend with new strategies of tourism management and the creation of value and sustainability for tourism companies.

Circular Economy and Smart Tourism

circular economy in the context of smart tourism

What Exactly are Circular Economy and Smart Tourism?

The article defines a Circular Economy as an economic system that ensures its own sustainability. On the other hand, Smart Tourism refers to a kind of tourism that implies the use of information and communication technology for the improvement of the tourism industry.

The authors researched how these two concepts are inextricably intermingled with the implementation of sustainability in the field of tourism. Sustainability in this case is intended as social, economic, and environmental.

As the study demonstrates, the combination of sustainability with the former principles can lead to success in terms of economic growth and social well-being. And in this context, precisely the example of Ecobn is analysed.

Ecobnb as a Succesful Example of Circular Economy and Smart Tourism

ecobnb sustainable criteria between circular economy and smart tourism
Main Sustainability Criteria According to Ecobnb

The case of the Ecobnb community is analysed on Emerald Insight as evidence of the successful application of all these paradigms. These very approaches translate into the dynamics of continuous innovation in the business model and processes of value creation.

The research paper defines Ecobnb as “an innovative network-based company that promotes the offering of hospitality following the principles of sustainability and circular economy”.

The Key Points of the Research Paper

article about Ecobnb on Emerald Insight between circular economy and smart tourism

What are the key points of the research paper on Emerald Insight?


The paper provides new insights into the process of value creation and business model innovation.

Methodological Approach

It includes a qualitative and exploratory approach. In particular, data refers to the integration of web-based desk analysis, interviews and social big data analytics.

Findings: practical and social implications

First, the paper proves that smart tourism and circular economy can represent two important lenses for driving tourism companies and destinations toward more sustainable and smarter value creation processes.

Thus, it presents some practical implications. These refer to the innovation of tourism management and transition of the business models towards a circular configuration.

The ultimate goal of the article is to boost awareness about the culture of sustainability in tourism management. And this is the most important social implication.

Originality and Value

The study provides an original contribution to the debate on tourism.

In fact, it highlights that especially during these times of pandemics we need a strong innovation in traditional models of management.

It also underlines that to meet the need for innovation, companies should rely on the integration of digital technologies and sustainable approaches.

reading Emerald Insight, a paper about circular economy and smart tourism

In conclusion, the article on Emerald Insight represents an important viewpoint in the current debate on smart-tourism and circular economy. We need new business models, which will be able to strengthen and innovate the whole post-pandemic tourism industry.

If on the one hand lock-down has changed forever our perception of tourist infrastructures, it is also true that the principles which the study highlights could be significant not only in the perspective of a post-Covid-19 restart but also in the perspective of a future improvement of tourist facilities and destination management.

As it follows, innovation and improvement must always take place in an increasingly smart, “circular” and, above all, sustainable context.

Learn more about Circular Economy and Smart tourism by reading the full article on Emerald Insight. You can either click on this link or download the paper in pdf.

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