50 years after the first Earth Day, today we celebrate and support the Environment in a different way – we are going all digital!

Coronavirus pandemic may keep us apart but won’t keep us silent. We are not missing our chance to speak up, right? Today it’s Earth Day, and we have so many ways to make the best out of these 24 hours of global action. We should do it for ourselves, for our families and – last but not least – for our Nature.

earth day celebration of nature
Photo by Will Cornfield on Unsplash

What is it and why should we take part?

It was 1970 when 20 million Americans decided not to put profit before our planet’s health anymore. They took streets, schools, buildings to make the world hear their voice. That’s what we do on Earth Day – we create a united front to ask for new sustainable ways for our future. We only want more and more people to become aware of how much the environment needs our help now.

Earth Dau 2020 environment movement
Photo by Markus Spiske via Unsplash

22nd April is not only a day anymore. This movement was not left unheard and really succeeded in many ways through the years. The U.S. approved many laws in regard to the environment protection and health. Also, the EPA – Environmental Protection Agency – was founded. One of the most noteworthy actions? The historic Paris Agreement on climate change was signed on Earth Day.

Don’t you want to be part of this?

Theme of this Digital Earth Day 2020

environmental movement against climate change
Photo by Markus Spiske via Unsplash

Every year this event tackles different significant issues. Today it focuses on Climate-related problems. The intention is to grow awareness about environmental issues like climate change, air pollution, global warming and CO2 presence.

The aim is to find creative, innovative ways to address such issues. Earth Day dreams of a zero-carbon future. Is it possible? Is it realistic? It is, if we stand together, learn together and spread knowledge together.

How can I support Earth day from home?

Earth day 2020 environmental movement against waste
Photo by Markus Spiske via Unsplash

Don’t worry, you don’t have to occupy your town’s square to make a change. And moreover, due to this quarantine period that would be rather self-defeating. Make your revolution at home, use digital media as your weapon.

You have plenty of ways. Here below we collected some tips that could help you start being part of Earth Day online:

  • Learn: Attend some teach-ins on significant topics, that affects your life too. Plastic pollution, food security, water quality. Fortunately, you can find videos everywhere nowadays. Learning is the first step for a change.
  • Teach: If you already have the knowledge, then say a word. By spreading what you learnt in the past you are making a better future. You can do it on social media if you like, or at home among your family and friends. Everything helps.
  • Do: Put into practice those tips that you’ve always read but never followed. Pay attention to food, switch to some plastic-free options! Start from the basics and then let your lifestyle become sustainable. Be aware. That’s all we ask.
  • Be creative: if you are an artist, upload your artworks in support of the Earth Day. If you’re a singer, sing it. If you’re a dancer, dance it. Spread!
  • Follow conferences and special events on Earth Day, like the one at this link
  • Visit earthday.org to find further information and join a historic moment

Now or never

Act Now on Earth Day 2020
Photo by Markus Spiske via Unsplash

Let’s be honest. Sadly, damages have started long back, and they perpetuated till nowadays. At the beginning, we were not aware of the consequences at all. Now, we are. That is why we should cease our habits and re-think them in a sustainable way.

This planet is all we have, and Mother Nature always satisfied our needs. We are in debt and this is the time to pay it off. We should be part of this change because it is good. It is good for us, for everyone.

It is now or never. You decide which side to take in this environmental revolution.

Cover image: Photo by Manuel Meurisse on Unsplash