Nestled in the mountains of the beautiful Adamello Brenta Natural Park, Lake Tovel will amaze you with its shades and breathtaking views. Find out how to visit it in an eco-friendly way!

Easily accessible from Trento, Lake Tovel gives those who visit it a total immersion in nature. Its suggestive beauty and the different shades of the water make it known as the Pearl of the Adamello Brenta Natural Park. Let’s start to discover this alpine jewel.

Lake Tovel, autumn colours
Lake Tovel in autumn, photo of Giada de Bernardis

One of the largest natural basins at high altitude

With a surface of ​​370 thousand square meters, Lake Tovel is the largest lake in Val di Non and in the whole territory of the Adamello Brenta Natural Park, at 1178 m above sea level. The lake is part of the water catchment area of ​​the Noce and its waters create the Tresenica creek. 

Different shades
Photo of Roberta Zanlucchi via Unsplash

The colors of the lake are spectacular and offer a thousand different shades, from blue to bright tonalities of green. Sometimes, when the waters are particularly calm, the surrounding mountains reflect in the lake creating an idyllic atmosphere. The water is so transparent that many define the lake as the Caribbean of Trentino. You can’t help but dream of diving and swimming in this fairytale place.

Lake Tovel has also been called lake of bears for the presence of some brown bears in the valley and red lake for the phenomenon of redness of its waters, which occurred until 1964 due to the action of an alga.

Bank and a little boat
Photo of Cristina Gottardi via Unsplash

The red lake

It is precisely because of the phenomenon of redness that Lake Tovel is known all over the world. Until 1964, its waters used to turn bright red, because of the flowering of an alga known as Tovellia sanguinea. The phenomenon happened regularly every summer in the warmer months.

Since 1964 the phenomenon has no longer occurred, probably due to the lower presence of cattle in the huts. In fact, the algae fed on nutrients from the excrements of grazing animals.

Today this natural spectacle no longer occurs, but the story continues to fascinate visitors and locals, who tell legends such as that of Queen Tresenga. It is the story of the queen of Ragoli who, in order to maintain the independence of her kingdom, renounces marriage and fights to the death by dyeing the waters of the lake with her blood.

Red lake
Tovel, the red lake, photo of Gino De Concini

The path around Lake Tovel

If you love to walk in the green and live an authentic experience in contact with nature, Lake Tovel is the ideal place for you. In fact, you can walk or cycle along a beautiful ring path all around the lake. This 4.5 km long path will give you spectacular views at every corner.

In addition, you can travel the itinerary with the whole family! The path is indeed beaten and very wide, also ideal for families with stroller. You can come across some frogs or fish and in the woods you will be amazed by the beautiful wooden sculptures created by the Brenta Wood Art artists.

This path is easily accessible in every season and will always give you new emotions.

Lake Tovel in winter
Lake Tovel in winter, photo of Giada de Bernardis

Eco-friendly Lake Tovel

Throughout the summer season, from June to September, traffic is controlled, and you can reach Lake Tovel only with a shuttle bus, on foot or by bike. This is an excellent initiative to encourage green mobility and preserve the delicate ecosystem of the area, fighting the problem of overtourism.

In addition, you can stay in one of the eco-sustainable accommodation facilities of the Adamello Brenta Natural Park, which have the “CETS – Quality Park” certification. They are ecological hotels, organic bed & breakfast, and zero-emission holiday homes awarded for their environmental attention. For example, they use clean energy, have eliminated plastic and disposable items, offer menus based on organic and local products, and promote the gentle mobility of their guests.

This Quality Park hotel, for example, is in the historic village of Tuenno, just 10 km from Lake Tovel. Reachable without a car – thanks to the bus connection from Trento – it offers the possibility to rent mountain bikes and electric bikes to explore the surroundings. Thus, you can organize a car free holiday on Lake Tovel.

Are you curious to discover the breathtaking landscapes that Lake Tovel has to offer? Let us know by commenting on the post!

Cover image: photo of Giovanni Piras via flickr

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