The European Mobility Week has started, with the slogan ‘Smart mobility, strong economy‘: seven days of initiatives scattered in the different countries, between bike ridings and interesting workshops to promote sustainable mobility and all public and eco-sustainable transport means, proving how they can contribute to economic development.

In a world where the propensity to move is always growing, where people move every day to work and for leisure, where the goods and products of all kinds cover massive distances creati a new and more sustainable mobility is increasingly necessary; The European Mobility Week is an opportunity to explore the topic and understand what we can do to make the world more green.

Why is it necessary to promote sustainable mobility

Sustainable mobility is generally defined as that mobility compatible with human and environmental health. If unsustainable transport significantly contribute to climate changing and have a negative effect on people’s health, trains, buses, bicycles, and electric cars significantly reduce CO2 emissions and make our cities more livable. We find out in detail three reasons why sustainable mobility must necessarily be our future.

3 good reasons to promote sustainable mobility

1) Smart Mobility, Strong Economy: Sustainable Mobility impacts on Economical progress

The impact on the economy of sustainable mobility is amply demonstrated and of great importance. While the smart planning and the use of public transport is a source of savings both for the public administration and citizens, all green mobility is beneficial for economic growth. Suffice it to say, cycling has created 650,000 jobs in Europe, invoicing 44 billion euros. But there’s more! Studies conducted in areas closed to motorized traffic, accessible only to pedestrians or cyclists, have noted a significant increase in business activities and related incomes.

2) Sustainable Mobility and Healthier lifestylies

Choose to move on foot or by bicycle to reach their jobs is to live more healthily, combat sedentary lifestyle and maintain good physical shape. Leaving the car in the garage even improve your mental health. Going by bicycle is less stressing, and those traveling by public transport is more relaxed and found again precious time that gives the chance to read or socialize. In addition, the emissions produced by the cars of our city can cause many different types of chronic diseases.

3) Sustainable Mobility to save the planet

The transport sector consumes huge amounts of energy, is responsible for a third of energy consumption in the European Union. The energy used is currently produced mainly using non-renewable sources, such as oil and gas. Of these emissions so harmful to the environment, 90% is given by the road transport, while rail and water travel and are responsible for only 10%. Our planet is no longer able to withstand the pollution from transport, a change towards sustainability is urgent.


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