With the newly built Daintree Peaks Eco Stays operates from 2017 with the goal to be as eco-friendly as possible and have minimal impacts on the surroundings. Located North Queensland, surrounded by the World Heritage Listed Daintree Rainforest, it is undoubtedly a spectacular location.

The amenities

The 4 eco-chalets, each of them is 48 square meters big, are located right next to the jungle on the 25 acres of land with tropical fruit trees and the tranquil, native forest. Each of them has spectacular views over the rainforest or the rocky mountain top of Thornton’s Peak, in Australia.

Accommodation with queens bed and extra sofa bed.
Accommodation with queens bed and extra sofa bed. Source: https://daintreepeaksecostays.com/gallery/

In the main house, you can enjoy the bar, pool table, dining area, and also a freshwater pool after a long day of hiking and exploring. The owners are keen on following a local and seasonal harvest, meaning the menu changes frequently according to the season. Guests also have a possibility to let the management know about their dietary requirements, and they will be happy to cater to them according to their needs.

The environment

There is an excellent opportunity for bird and wildlife watching, as depending on the season, many species like to nest in the area, like the unique Wompoo fruit dove or the Sunbird.

Daintree Cossowary.
Daintree Cossowary. Source: https://daintreepeaksecostays.com/gallery/

Explore the largest continuous area of tropical rainforest on the Australian continent. Along the coastline north of the Daintree River, the tropical forest grows right down to the edge of the sea.

This lush environment that only takes up 0,1% of the landmass of Australia contains 30% of its frog, reptile and marsupial species, and 90% of Australia’s bat and butterfly sorts. Hiking, climbing trails in the jungle is a popular activity, but for those who prefer a safer distance, there are plenty of road tours available around the Daintree National Park.

Diving at the Great Barrier Reef is an unforgettably beautiful experience as well. Be an adventurous backpacker or someone who prefers luxury in a lush environment, you can find it all around the national park.

Cape Tribulation Beach.
Cape Tribulation Beach. Source: https://daintreepeaksecostays.com/gallery/

I asked Greg, one of the owners of Daintree Peaks Eco Stays, to speak to us about the idea behind their Eco Lodge in this piece of LUSH paradise.

Could you tell us something about Daintree Peaks Eco Stays, and how did your project of eco-friendly hospitality start?

I have built camps in the jungles for quite a few years during my exploration times. I got a real-life experience working in the remotest jungles in the 1980s and 90s. It was interesting seeing how the native peoples survived in Southeast Asia without electrical power, no running water, and having to get these basics for living and working.

My wife, Lisa, and I purchased this land in 1985 in the Daintree rainforest, Australia with the hope that one day, we will be able to share our love with the tropics with others too. We had sourced the building materials locally and worked with locals, who gave us a lot of insights. I also learned a lesson, not to build and live under the jungle canopies because trees fall all the time, making it really dangerous.

Eco chalets with the Thornton’s Peak in the back
Eco chalets with the Thornton’s Peak in the back. Source: https://daintreepeaksecostays.com/gallery/

What practices of sustainability have you undertaken during the development of the property?

We are completely off the grid for power and water. We drilled a water bore and have 3 water-bearing gravel zones that are drawing the water from 45 meters deep. We use a solar operated stainless-steel pump, which has its own independent power supply to bring the water to the surface.

The power for the rest of the property is coming from 56 250-watt solar panels and feed into battery banks that store the energy.”

What aspects your guests enjoy more of their stay in your place?

For sure, the Daintree Discovery Center  and the environment we are lucky to offer for our guests.
Also, we keep everything spotlessly clean, and we sell food and beverage from our café at very reasonable prices. We cook only for the guests as to their dietary requirements.

Catering according to special needs.
Catering according to special needs. Source: https://daintreepeaksecostays.com/gallery/

It is an excellent opportunity to visit the Far North Queensland and experience and soak up all the natural beauty the rainforest has to offer. As the phone reception is minimal, the management provides Telstra phone reception and satellite-based internet. However, as there is no WIFI availability, it gives you a perfect chance to unwind and have a digital detox in an extraordinary environment.

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