A magical weekend staying in an eco-friendly yurt immersed in the green, to discover Turin from a new perspective.

Can you combine a glamping holiday with a city break? The answer is, of course, yes thanks to Yurta Soul Shelter offering a Mongolian yurt immersed in the woods of the Turin Hill, less than 30 minutes from the city. Glamping is one of the latest trends in tourism, and is the holiday that combines the best comforts with the emotions of camping and nature. Yurta Soul Shelter is certainly among the most beautiful glamping in Italy and its proximity to Turin makes it even more interesting.

Weekend in a yurt with view of Turin


The yurt tent is an ancient dwelling of nomadic people of Mongolia and here, surrounded by the forest, was built in wood, sheep felt and natural fabrics. It has a private bathroom with Jacuzzi shower, wood-burning heating and a wonderful private panoramic terrace where you can sip a glass of good wine and admire the sunset over Turin. All guests who have stayed here confirm this: sleeping in this magical yurt is regenerating. Additionally, anyone who wants to, can live the experience of meditation, yoga, and other holistic disciplines.

A walk through the woods, to observe foxes and squirrels, and then let’s go to discover Turin, a city always elegant and strongly linked to the history of Italy. Here, in fact, Italian car was born, television was born, here was the first capital of the peninsula. Monuments and museums that you can’t miss during a visit to the Savoy city are really so many, but more or less we all know what they are (and for those who do not know there is our guide!). That is why today we want to tell you about some unexpected, unknowable places that hide in the city squares.

The most curious building in Turin

The most curious building in Turin

Casa Scaccabarozzi, called by the Turin “Slice of Polenta“, is located in the Vanchiglia district and is one of the most strange buildings in Italy. Made by Alessandro Antonelli, the same of the Mole Antonelliana, the yellow building measures on its narrowest side only 54 centimeters!

The underground Turin

There is a city downstairs in Turin, made of tunnels, glaciers and evocative crypts, which has often offered shelter to Turin people. Get down to 15 feet deep and live a sensational experience!

The Medieval Village of Valentino Park

The Medieval Village of Valentino Park, Turin
Photo by Eric Borda via Flickr

The Valentine Park winds along the Po River and is a perfect place to relax. The green lung of the city also houses a medieval village, reconstruction of a small hamlet of the Middle Ages made in the XIX century, and the Rocky Garden, 4,000 square meters of greenery with water games, streams, streets, benches, and exotic plants.

Leumann, worker village at the gates of Turin

Leumann, worker village at the gates of Turin
Photo by Emanuele Stefano Foco via Flickr

This little village in Collegno seems coming out from a fairy tale. Built at the end of the nineteenth century as a residential complex for the workers of the factory, it represents a mix of history, art, and everyday life and it will make you feel like traveling in time. Walkthrough the streets of the neighborhood, still inhabited, and discover the old station, the Church of Santa Elisabetta, the old elementary school and all the historic Liberty style buildings.

The flavors of Turin

The flavors of Turin
Photo by theturquoisetable via Flickr

And for those who, like me, believe that to truly know a new place you need to taste the local food, I must recommend entering some typical restaurant, known here as piole: local dishes from the convivial atmosphere where they serve the best of local gastronomy at low prices.