This is the capital of Piedmont region… a city with a majestic architecture, elegant and culturally sparkling. There are so many reasons to visit this city, first of all because it is the city of the mystery, at the same time here is preserved one of the most celebrated relics: the Shroud of Turin… let’s have a look.
Castle of Valentino Castle, inside the Park of Valentino,Turin
The Castle of Valentino, Turin, ph. by Francesco, via flickr

1. Best things to do in Turin 

The best glimpse of Turin is undoubtedly the one from the Church of the Holy Mother in Borgo Po. The church, with the features of a pagan temple, is not only one of the most important places of worship in the city, but hides many secrets. It is said that between the two statues outside representing Faith and Religion, it is buried the Holy Grail ...

The Egyptian museum and is a real must in Turin... Who has not visited it during a school trip? It's worth coming back to admire the statue set up by Oscar winner Dante Ferretti...

CNL square is the famous square in Deep Red with two fountains and a little further on the twin churches of San Carlo and Santa Cristina and the equestrian statue of Emanuele Filiberto. In Piazza San Carlo there are several historic cafes such as the Caffè San Carlo with the golden bull that hangs at the entrance ...

Do not even miss "Al Bicerin", a place where you can breathe history sipping a beverage symbol of Turin, the bicerin (literally shot), with coffee, hot chocolate and milk foam.

An experience not to be missed is the Porta Palazzo market, the largest open air market in Europe ...

Castle of Montalto Dora, overlooking the valley of five lakes of Ivrea, Piedmont, Italy
Castle of Montalto Dora, overlooking the valley of five lakes of Ivrea, Piedmont, Italy, ph. by Ferruccio Zanone, via flickr

2. Ivrea and surroundings

In the nearby you cannot miss Ivrea. His symbols are the famous "Castle by red towers" and the famous Carnival. A very special carnival, which originated from the famous Battle of the Oranges...

In Buttigliera Alta, near the Val di Susa, you will find the beautiful Abbey of St. Anthony of Ranverso, all Gothic style. The aisles retain a singular peculiarity, the stone capitals green with heads of monks, devils and animals ... really impressive!

Not lacking the castles in this northern and varied hinterland: the Castello di Masino, in Caravino, was a typical fortress surrounded by a deep ditch. The main attraction of the castle is made up of its halls and gardens, it used to flower shows or cultural events ...

The three valleys of Lanzo, long strips of land, offering visitors wonderful landscapes. Finally, do not miss the valleys of Pinerolo (the Chisone and Pèllice), with the fortress of windows and the church of San Michele, which inspired Umberto Eco in his novel "The Name of the Rose".

Near Turin, in addition to the Savoy residences, it is worth visiting the city of Chieri in the valleys of Lanzo and parks around Turin in the hills (Superga Hill, a nature reserve of forest Vaj, Park of Lake Candia) and also centers in the south, along the river Po, as santena, Carmagnola and Carignano.

Avignana Lake, Turin province, Italy
Avignana Lake, Turin province, Italy, ph. by BORGHY52, via flickr

3. Nature, sport and green itineriaries

Visit some areas of the Val Susa, with many green parks and the lovely town of Susa, the ancient union between France and the Po Valley, with the natural park of Avigliana Lakes.

The Canavese, in the north, is an excellent destination for day trips, with beautiful lakes and castles, the city of Ivrea and the Sacro Monte di Belmonte.

Finally visit the valleys of Pinerolo with the fortress of windows, with the mystery of the Iron Mask, and the city of Sestriere, for a fun day on snowshoes ...

Bicerin, typical drink served in a small glass, at Caffè Mulassano, Turin, Italy
Bicerin at Caffè Mulassano, ph. by Rowena, via flickr

4. Tastes and local food

In Turin the delicacies are really of all types. Let’s start from breakfast: As mentioned the bicerin is an unmissable must and the best place to drink one "cool one" is the coffee "Al Bicerin", in Piazza della Consolata.

Coffee Mulassano is another historical great place for a quick lunch, they say sandwich was bon here... do not forget to try it in many different ways!

The cakes and ice creams in particular are really good, very good the craft one of Alberto Marchetti at number 24 on Corso Vittorio Emanuele II. If we are in winter, warm up with a hot chocolate in the chocolate boutique Guido Gobino in via Lagrange, 1.

In the evenings, try the typical of the area: raw meat and Bavarian seirass, unique and sophisticated dishes.

And do not leave town without having bought at least a pound of pralines!

The ecofriendly alpine refuge Toesca, in the heart of the Orsiera Rocciavrè Natural Park, Turin, Italy
The ecofriendly alpine refuge Toesca, in the heart of the Orsiera Rocciavrè Natural Park, Turin, Italy

5. Where to stay in the city and surroundings

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Discover all ecofriendly accomodations in Turin


Author: Angela Sebastianelli


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