Sleep in a medieval tower, within the walls of an ancient castle, an ancient village of shepherds: your holiday can turn into a time travel through these beautiful and eco-friendly hospitalities.

Antique objects, walls that resist the centuries, flavors of the past will talk with you and tell their story making you go back in time.

7 special places where your holiday becomes a time travel

1. History to read, sleeping in a medieval tower in Siena hills (Tuscany)

An apartment in a medieval tower

In the hills of Siena, an authentic medieval tower has been recovered so that you can live a unique experience, a time travel to discover the life of the Middle Ages. Alessandra will be there to welcome you; she’s a medievalist Archaeologist, that on these places and this tower has written her thesis. And even now she loves to talk about the inestimable value of places:

The walls speak and tell a lot of history. They have eyes, the windows, sometimes damp from the time, as if closing them they couldn’t speak anymore about what they have seen, but it is not so. The houses in our area are stone books: it is a language. You have to be able to read. But if you begin to understand, suddenly you can see landscapes that are not there anymore, those who were, until the coming of electricity to everyone. The slowness of the centuries from the Middle Ages to World War II has kept a lot of memories not visible to most.

From the tower you can admire a breathtaking view, and go on numerous routes, to discover the picturesque Abbey of San Galgano, with its legends, the many Etruscan necropoleis, Siena with its art treasures, San Gimignano (25 minutes by car ), Volterra (35-minute drive) and Florence (50-minute drive).

Prices: from 50€/night for 2

Info and booking: Organic Farmhouse Torre Doganiera

2. A time travel discovering a fortified village in the heart of the Gran Sasso (Abruzzo)

Sestanti, accommodation in Abruzzo for a time travel

An ancient fortified medieval village, at over 1250m above sea level, has been transformed into a beautiful Albergo Diffuso. Within the National Park Gran Sasso, there are, waiting for you, cozy rooms where everything has been preserved and the objects tell of times gone by.
You will partake in the traditional pastry classes and the weaving class to discover the timeless life of these places.

Prices: from 80€/night for 2

Info and booking: Sextantio

3. Face to face with history, in a picturesque monastery where you can discover the art of spices and herbs (Umbria)


In the green and pristine heart of Umbria, there’s an old monastery renovated into a luxury resort that respects nature. Sleep in the ancient rooms of the monks in an incredible atmosphere and live a timeless experience in the exclusive Spa inspired by the ancient herbal art for beauty of the body, mind, and spirit.

Prices: from 140€/night for 2

Info and booking: Relais Antico Monastero di San Biagio

4. A time travel in a unique village of  pinnate (Sardinia)

Sardina Antiga, a place to time travel

An eco-sustainable village born from the ancient shepherdshuts in Sardinia where you can rediscover the pleasure of silence and the sound of nature that will transport you to another dimension. As before, everything will be more natural: the sewers do not exist, the linen is made exclusively in a traditional way, all the food is organic. Within walking distance, you can discover the history of these places in suggestive archaeological sites.

Prices: from 140€/night for 2

Info and booking: Sardinna Antiga

5. Wildlife and a blast from the past, in an ancient village in Occitan Alps

Borgata Sagna Rotonda, an ancient mountain village

In a remote region among Piedmont mountains, there is a village that was abandoned for years and then recovered in a sustainable way that welcomes you in its houses for a dip in the past and in the authentic life of these places. The renovation has preserved the architectural features of the buildings date back to 1700, enriching them with the latest technology in terms of sustainability. Stop for a moment, make a pizza in a wood oven and explores beautiful mountain scenery in the Maira Valley.

Prices: from 67€/night for 2

Info and booking: Sagna Rotonda

6. Romantic getaway in history, sleeping in a fourteenth-century fortress (Umbria)

Torre della Botonta, a special place for a time travel

The old bank, the old town mall, the public oven, and the Watchtower came to life becoming one Albergo Diffuso in Castel S. Giovanni della Botonta, in the wine and oil lands of Umbria. There’s no TV, the antique furniture suggests the time’s long work, in a very romantic atmosphere.

Prices: from 63€/night for 2

Info and booking: Torre della Botonta

7. A time travel in an ancient customs among saffron fields (Tuscany) Time Travel in the Farm house Sant'Egle, Grosseto, Tuscany, Italy

An ancient customs turned into a charming organic farm, offering good examples of energy-saving, organic breakfast, and original artworks made with recycled materials. Among the saffron, spirulina, and truffle crops you can relax in the garden, in the shade of centuries-old trees, or dip in the swimming pool with salt water after exploring the Old Via Granducale.

Prices: from 90€/night for 2

Info and booking: Organic Farmhouse Sant’Egle

Where do you dream of spending your next holiday? Which accommodation do you prefer for your time travel?