Four years ago I purchased the apartment on the first floor of this Renaissance building that was inhabited until the 80’s and different hands and different material had covered the real walls. Having to start almost from scratch, I could, wherever possible, use original materials and leave the old arrangement. It takes a lot of “elbow grease” and I had a lot to do: Roman plaster, paint-earth, wood, cork and natural fabrics. Of course I put a comfortable floor heating, a shower and a large tub masonry reminiscent of the thermal baths or the Roman baths, which travelers (old and young) appreciate much, besides the fact that the environment is open and comfortable and the desirable location in the center of the old town.

Mount Amiata is an island in known Tuscany, still not contaminated, surrounded by nature, quiet, incredible, between the highway and the Tyrrhenian coast.

I recommend staying a few days,the nature is too beautiful: the river, the natural thermal baths in the woods, the view from Mount Labro at 360 degrees to the sea, breathe in the high beeches and then local wine and food lovingly created by investors on this land where life is sometimes rough, but really rewarding.

Itineraries by foot and horseback, yoga and meditation, water activities in thermal water.
And so much history all around: I always recommend a visit to the abbey of St. Antimo with Gregorian chants at all hours and the abbey of Abbadia San Salvatore with a peculiar crypt, a visit to Montalcino for a good wine, a breakfast in the square with the fishpond of Bagno Vignoni, an evening in Colle Massari for a concert in the vineyards, a chairlift to the summit 1750 meters, all within half an hour from here … and if you have an hour, a jump the sea, perhaps at Cala Violina, where the sand “sound”!

This are the words of Luisa, the owner of Piazzacolonna4. It is a house dedicated to the wellness of tis guests, with relaxation areas and natural materials, in the heart of Castel del Piano, an ancient village in Tuscany. The apartment is perfect for a couple, but can accommodate up to 4 people. You will be surprised by the wellness area with hammocks and benches, soft lights, the smells, the old beams and large carpets in jute.

Piazzacolonna4, accommodation in Tuscany, Italy

It is located within walking distance from Mount Amiata, an ancient volcano, also known as Mother Mountain, because it raised a large family of men and women that in his woods has found food and work. The symbol of this strong bond is the polenta made with chestnut flour, staple food of the local culture that has marked its history since the eighth century. Between the Val d’Orcia, the Val di Paglia and the Maremma, it soars with its 1738m and dominates the whole landscape. It is an ancient and wild area where mass tourism haven’t yet arrive. And take advantage of it, then. Let’s start to discover its woods, let us set out on wonderful excursions to conquer the mountain. And in winter, when the Amiata is covered with snow, we could take advantage of kilometers and kilometers of ski slopes for alpine and Nordic skiing.

Mount Amiata

But the Mount Amiata offers not only food, nature and landscapes. It offers to its inhabitants and travelers sulfurous waters. AInBagni San Filippo, a small village on the slopes of the mountain, you will find natural pools and small waterfalls, where the temperature ranges from 30° to more than 40°. It’s one of the many free Tuscany’s hot springs.

Walking through the villages of Amiata it’s nice to discover the small shops where carpenters, blacksmiths and craftsmen work today with special and local techniques, older than 400 years and handed down from generation to generation. And always in the beautiful villages, such as Abbadia San Salvatore, you can take a journey within a journey, a journey through the flavors: mushrooms, chestnuts, the prized pecorino cheese, salami, olive oil. Mount Amiata is life, flowing in its genuine and exquisite flavors.

The search for a place to regenerate ended: book your holiday in Piazzacolonna4 to know the landscapes and views of Mount Amiata and its incredible surroundings.

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Did you already know Mount Amiata? Tell us your experience!


Cover photo by Franco Vannoni via flickr

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