The colors of Autumn in Piedmont or the final taste of summer in Sardinia? A tree house or a castle? Awakening among the colorful hills of the Langhe, or soak in the hot smoke and the benefits of natural hot springs in Tuscany? Every corner of Italy is a treasure chest of pleasures and pure beauty to be enjoyed in this long autumn weekend.

Halloween has always been the party cult Anglo-Saxon countries, the birthplace of the magical Celtic New Year. Few know, however, that All Hallowed Eve (the ‘Ognissanti’ which was later shortened to ‘Halloween’), also an Italian tradition. In Italy this festival is known by different names, such as Notte delle Lumere, in Turin, not dalis muars, in Udine, Is Animeddas, Sardinia, Coccalu di muortu, in Calabria, or fucacost, in Puglia. Whatever you call, this autumn festival, with its aura of magic and mystery, fascinates young and old alike.

If you still have not decided where to go, take a look at this inspired ecological weekends in Italy, to enjoy with all your senses nature, culture and food.

1 To love the colors (and flavors) of autumn

You wake up with a view of the vineyards that are colored red and yellow, surrounded by the sounds of nature. You walk through the woods to hunt for truffles, you look at the mist on the rolling hills of the Langhe unique landscape that UNESCO has recently declared a World Heritage Site.

Then you go to discover castles, fortresses and manners, surrounded by beautiful gardens and wrapped in an aura of mystery and enigma. But the best comes at the table, with the smell of wine and truffles. The weekend of Halloween is the right time to try the experience of truffle hunting and visit the international exhibition of white truffles in Alba (Piedmont). We have not convinced? Here are 5 reasons to visit the Langhe, Monferrato and Roero.

Do not miss: the truffle fair in Alba, with unforgettable tastings, shows and pageants.

We recommend: an organic farm nestled among the vineyards and hills of the province of Cuneo, or a real tree house, to sleep in a romantic wooden shelter in the branches of a mighty oak.

Halloween Vacations in Italy, Langhe Piedmont
Langhe, Piedmont, ph. by Stefano Fusaro, via Flickr

2. To relax in free hot springs

You immerse yourself in the healing waters of the most beautiful natural spa of Italy. There is enveloped by the hot fumes, and embrace the autumn nature in complete relaxation. This paradise is free of charge.

It ‘a dream? Of course not! If autumn is the time when you most want to escape the cold weather and take care of your body, we recommend a weekend of total relaxation in natural spas and free thermal baths. Tuscany and Lazio offer numerous opportunities for natural pools, waterfalls and hot water in which to immerse yourself without paying.

Do not miss: The Natural spa of Saturnia, Grosseto, and Bagni di San Filippo in Siena, the spa free of Viterbo.

We recommend: an organic farm in the nature of the hills of Grosseto, an eco-friendly B&B located in the countryside of Siena or a tree house in the beautiful hills of Viterbo.

Halloween weekend in Italy: hot springs in Tuscany
Natural hot springs in Saturnia, Tuscany, ph. by Aurelio Candido, via flickr

3 To walk to the sea, and swim even in autumn

Spectacular sea, hills covered with olive trees and citrus fruits, iodine by breathing deeply. This is the warm autumn that you can live in the National Park of Cilento, in the extreme south of the coast of Campania. You walk halfway up the scent of lemons and blue of the Tyrrhenian Sea, in an incredible succession of cultivated terraces, caves, ancient ruins, white beaches and breathtaking views. You walk with the scent of the maquis and you can stop for a swim in the small beaches of white sand, like those of Acciaroli, who received the Blue Flag award for their pristine beauty.

Do not miss: The trekking in the National Park of Cilento, from Marina di Punta Infreschi Cammerota.

We recommend: the eco-friendly accommodation in the Natural Park of Cilento.

Halloween vacations in Italy, Cilento sea
Grotta azzurra, Marina di Cammerota, Cilento, ph. by Gabriele Tudico, via flickr

4 To live the magic, sleeping in an old castle

The carved pumpkins illuminated by candles make it appear the ancient walls of a castle even more mysterious and rich in history. The stones and ancient paintings back you in time, to distant battles, loves and ancient mythic legends. Some of these italian castles are now ecofriendly hotels, that use intelligent systems to reduce their impact on the environment.

Do not miss: a visit to the mysteries of the Castle of Scipione with dinner by candlelight, among the hills of Parma and Piacenza.

We recommend: the ancient castles, today eco-friendly accommodations, from Palermo to Lake Iseo.

Halloween vacations in a old Italian Castle
Scipione Castle, surrounded by Parma and Piacenza Hills, Emilia Romagna, italy

5. To discover sand dunes and ancient mines

Golden dunes and the beautiful sea. This corner of Sardinia offers paradisiacal landscapes and some of Europe’s highest natural dunes, those of Piscinas.

We are in the Sulcis Iglesias, west of Cagliari, a strip of land that offers wild landscapes, winding paths surrounded by the intense scents of the Mediterranean sea, but also coves and beaches of rare beauty, like those of Buggeru and Cala Domestica, natural monuments such as the rock of Pan di Zucchero, old mining areas and archaeological sites.

Do not miss: the trekking routes to discover the ancient mines of Sulcis with tunnels that arrive directly on the beach.

We recommend: a comfortable and eco-sustainable hotel surrounded by the wild landscape of the province of Cagliari.

Halloween vacations in Sardinia - Italy
Sardinia, Porto Pino, ph. by Ivan Sgualdini, via flickr

Cover photo: Autumn in Langhe, Piedmont, photos of Andrea Mucelli, via Flickr


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